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Skyis4ever 12-08-2012 06:52 PM

Best supplement/change you've made to your horse's diet?
Hey everyone! So what supplements have you added to your horses feed that you love and feel have made a difference? Changing hay types or pelleted/complete feeds and grain count too :) What is the best thing you've done for your horses diet that you feel has made a difference?

Joe4d 12-08-2012 07:26 PM

Figuring out that going to a better quality feed that has the additives already in it was more cost effective than buying cheap feed and adding stuff.
Horses need less protien than feed stores try to convince you of. The are horses not tigers.
Fats and especially Omega 3 fats are a better source of energy than sugar,
I supplement BCAA's and flax seed and electrolytes during heavy conditioning and nearing race day.

JustWingIt 12-08-2012 11:30 PM

Two months ago I started my guy on SmartCombo Ultra from SmartPak and he's done really well on it. It got glucosamine etc for joints, probiotics/prebiotics for stomach (he's gotten ulcers before so this was important), biotin etc for hooves and omega 3s etc for coat and overall. My guy was a rescue, so it's really helped make him feel better all around, and within the two months he's been on it I saw a marked difference in his coat....I think he'll stay on it :)
Why do you ask? Just curious?
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Skyis4ever 12-09-2012 01:26 AM

I ask mostly out of curiousity LOL. There's such a huge selection of supplements available and I cannot go out and try every single one that I think might benefit my horse. I would not have thought about adding BCAA's to my horses diet, but now that someone posted it I feel I should look it up and see what benefits it has. I know that sometimes it is good to stick with what works, but there are new supplements and new research that comes out all the time. I don't want to miss out on something that could make my horse's life even better.

Joe4d 12-09-2012 09:21 AM

I wouldnt feed BCAA's unless you are doing endurance. Or some kinda long term high exertion activity. Brand I used is from Smart pak, Max endurance I think.? It also has probiotics. Legends Performance feed already has Biotin, flax seed, low sugar high Omega 3 fats, so dont really need other supplements. In the past I have used a multi vitamin high in Vitamin A , I just put them back on it as all my grass is brown and one horse here seems to break out in rain rot very easily without it.

Lwhisperer 12-11-2012 02:22 AM

Apologies for the book, but I find horse feed and additives to be a very interesting topic...

I have Caly on unlimited high quality grass hay (never had it tested, though, as our source for hay changes regularly). To supplement, I give her about 3 lbs Purina Strategy Healthy Edge (has less protein and more fat than other pelleted feeds) per day, and a straight biotin supplement for her hooves.

I just started her on the Omega Horseshine supplement, as I have never seen a product get so many good reviews, both from people that I know personally and those online. The price is very reasonable compared to other similar products (if you purchase it from somewhere OTHER than its actual website). It contains flaxseed, which is good for many parts of the horse- mane, tail, skin, coat, joints, etc. It also contains Omega-3,6, and 9 fatty acids, as well as other things that benefit the overall horse. I cannot give you a complete review as I only started her on it about 2 weeks ago... But I can already see more shine, even though I have changed NOTHING else (no baths, same amount of grooming, etc.). Two weeks seems awfully soon for it to get into her system though, so maybe my mind is playing tricks on me? I plan to compare "before and after" pics in the next few weeks.
I've also heard that straight flaxseed can be a good additive and is less expensive.

verona1016 12-11-2012 02:24 PM

I've had two feed changes that resulted in major, noticeable change:

The first was when I changed from a vit/min supplement (Dynamite) to a ration balancer (Triple Crown 30% Supplement). My horse's hooves had barely been growing, which was a problem because my farrier was trying to correct them, and that's hard to do if they don't grow! There was a noticeable change in growth rate before I had even worked up to the full daily amount (a couple weeks.) Later when I discovered, I found that the vit/min supplement didn't have nearly enough copper/iron/zinc, which are very important for hoof growth. I've continued to be very happy with how my horse has responded to TC30!

The second was for his seasonal allergies. He developed a cough in the spring, which didn't improve with the first supplement I tried (Ani-Hist). It got pretty bad any time he did more than a brisk walk. Within a few days of starting him on Cough Free his cough was all but gone. The only problem is that it smells (and presumably tastes) awful. Eventually my horse went off his grain and I had to start mixing it in to a mash to cover the taste. Now that he doesn't need it, I rub the old bag that it came in on his lead rope to keep him from chewing on it :lol:

The other supplements I have him on are things that I wouldn't necessarily see a difference with- he gets MSM as a preventive joint supplement, and flax seed for omega-3's since he doesn't get a lot of fresh grass.

acorn 12-14-2012 01:04 PM

I have a mare that I battled with hoof wall separation for YEARS.
Finally took her off mixed bag feed and put her on just hay, a few cups of soaked beet pulp twice daily, a fourth of a cup of flax seed daily and CA trace minerals.
WOW what a difference!! Her appy coat shines, hoof wall separation will be gone after this next trim and she is no longer puffy looking as she was before. This is after just four months.
Needless to say I'm thrilled.

I was having to have her trimmed every two weeks as her hooves would crack and break off like crazy but now we can go six weeks between trim with no cracks or chipping at all.:D Happy, happy, happy.

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