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SorrelHorse 12-09-2012 02:37 AM

In shape vs. not in shape
Me and my friend have started taking lessons together again, and our horses have the same amount of training with different riding schedules. Selena (My mare) has been hard in work for years and very much so recently. Destiny (The palomino) in an ex cutting horse who has all the training but has been out of serious work and just used on light trail rides for the past couple years. So, we did a little photoshoot in comparison. Since my friend is set on getting Destiny back in working shape for Equestrian team, we are going to take lots of pictures and see how she measures up to the other performance horses as the season progresses and she gets more muscled.

Our season started on the 1st, our first meet is the first weekend of February, second meet is the first weekend of March, and third meet in the second weekend of April. State meet if we qualify will be in May. Will be posting photos at each and throughout then have a slideshow.

Anywho, pictures of the beloveds together. ^^ The bay is Selena and the Palomino is Destiny. Ignore our poses/faces. :lol:

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