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xJumperx 12-09-2012 03:12 PM

Leasing Out. Price?
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Hello :)
I am strongly thinking about going ahead and leasing Diamond, my 14.1hh Arab pony, out for a little while. I just believe she would be happier in another family that would do some eventing with her, and really ride her and get her in shape. She is happiest in work. Meanwhile, I was going to set up a situation where I would take in greenies for cheap (they go for close to nothing around here), train, and resell. If you have an opinion or caution on this situation, feel free to share, but I am not specifically asking for this.

I am wondering what sort of price I can set for her? It would be a monthly thing, I've decided. So the price quote I need would be per month. Here is some basic information about her. I'll set it up like an ad. You tell me what you would see reasonable to pay per month -
"Tiny Diamond Dancer"
14 years
14.1 hh Arabian Mare

Diamond is a cute little mare with lots of personality. She has had experience in Jumpers, Eventing, and Hunters. She especially excelled in Eventing. She will jump anything you put in her path. Is very skilled at making those tighter turns for Jumpers, but also has a great pace for Dressage and Hunters. She has minimal show experiance, but recieved blues in the schooling shows she has gone to, which were Events, and Hunters Under Saddle/Over Fences. With the right rider, she could go farther, but is not for a beginner ride. She would be best suited in a home that would do lots of Eventing, and adequate riding.
I'd also add a video and some pictures to the post. If you need them to make a call on the price, I can go ahead and post them. Thanks in advance!!

DancingArabian 12-09-2012 03:18 PM

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Height of the jumps is not listed. You say she did jumpers and eventing, but no heights.

If she did eventing, how did she score in the dressage portion? What about her overall dressage training level and experience?

On the other hand..
What is your actual experience training horses? Can you afford to keep horses for extended periods of time if they don't sell? Where are you going to get them from?

Be absolutely certain to get a PPE for every single one.

You should lay out if it's an on farm of off farm lease, what the person will be expected to pay for, and how much. If they're taking her off property, I would specify things like feed, shoeing/trims, etc.

Does she have trail experience?

It sounds like you want her to go to a show home but I think that will be hard given that she doesn't have much of a show record.

xJumperx 12-09-2012 03:34 PM

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@DancingArabian - Thank you for your quick response. I'll be sure to include the things you mention. The height of the jumps at the show were 2'3", but she has gone up to 2'9". I have the test in front of me from that event - her score was a 48.1%, and she got 83 points. Th percentage being 'the lower the better.' It was the USDF Introductory Level test. It will be an off-site lease, with the leasee responsible for full care, minus farrier and vet, which we as the owners would scheduale and be present for. She has trail experience, but she isn't good on trails ... at all.

I actually trained with a local trainer of ours. She would get on them for the first few times, then she would supervise me and I'd finish them off. All of her customers were satisfied, and fully aware of me riding them. As long as Diamond is leased out, we will be able to keep another horse for however long we need to. As for where we are getting them from, I'm a bit confused? We would buy the horses from those who were selling them, whoever they may be. I won't have a set horse trader I'd buy from or anything. And yes, a PPE is a must.

xJumperx 12-09-2012 07:02 PM

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Anyone else?

OliviaMyee 12-10-2012 12:04 AM

I think that if you want to charge them for lease (minus all the other fees) the money should go towards a horse insurance to cover any fees incase something bad happens to your horse. I lease my horse for 50 $ a week but i follow all the instructions from the owner and ride him 3 times a week.

DancingArabian 12-10-2012 08:09 AM

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Double check your tests. With Dressage it's the higher the better, not the lower. With eventing scoring then the dressage portion is the lower the better.

Scored in Dressage a 48.1 is not very good. With event scoring then a 48.1 is still not really good and is only slightly better. You want to see scores in the 60's and up in dressage, which are 30's and below with event scoring. That is if you're looking at her from a show perspective.

She's very limited and that's going to hurt your prospects for leasers. You're basically needing a rider who is going to train the horse on top of paying full upkeep on a horse that isn't theirs. A free lease might be a good option but I'm leary of free leases so charging something nominal like 50-100, and visiting her regularly to keep everything on the up and up would be fair. Just be sure to visit and see her in person to mind her condition.

Again, if you can only have a second horse if Diamond is leased out the you should reconsider the situation. Leases end, sometimes abruptly and sometimes you can't find another leaser. Would you be able to afford two horses? Maybe it's better to flat out sell her?

I asked about where would you get the horses from as in...would you be buying for private sellers? Dealers? Auctions? Etc.
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xJumperx 12-10-2012 05:27 PM

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It is an eventing test, so the lower the better. But I realize it's not the best, she hadn't worked in Dressage for very long when the test took place. We were mainly going for the xcountry and jumpers, we just had to do the Dressage, obviously. We can afford to have up to 4 horses, and have done it before. (We currently have 3) My dad just doesn't like the idea, to be honest. The 4th pony was a rescue situation, we HAD to get him out of there. We all did just fine, I take care of the animals, so not sure why he has this resent. But it's the parent's house, the parent's rules, so I respect that.

As for the price, that sounds fair. I'm really not looking for a lot of money - just someone who will love her, take care of her, and give her a job. I hate seeing her wasted as a pasture puff. Though I wouldn't do a free lease, just because of ... people.

Prinella 12-10-2012 07:09 PM

When you say not for a beginner how much experience is required? Would she be suited to an intermediate pony club type rider? Is she hot?
When you say she excelled in eventing I'd expect a horse with plenty of ribbons.
Being small would she be a good second horse propect?

xJumperx 12-11-2012 03:21 PM

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Thanks for the comments, Prinella. :)

I will have to change the wording - though she does have quite a few 1st-3rd ribbons from doing Jumpers.
I know close to nothing about Pony Club, but if what I'm picturing is correct, then yes. She's a bit hot, but easy to handle once you accept that. Her walk and canter are super easy to ride, but her trot is a bit unruly if you don't know how to ride her. It's something we are really working hard on.
What do you mean by, "Being small would she be a good second horse prospect?"

srh1 12-11-2012 04:22 PM

I think she means that she might be suitable for a kid who has moved on from their first easy pony and ready for something a bit bigger and with a bit more spunk to work and have fun with, but that doesn't want to go straight to a big horse. She sounds like the type of horse I enjoyed riding once I was ready to move on from my first pony at around 14.
If you don't mind my asking, why are you leasing her instead of selling?

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