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peacechild 04-06-2007 01:51 PM

raising a thuroughbred/mustang filly to barrel race
:D Hey! I have just been blessed with a new Filly. "Spirit of Bambi" (SPIRIT) was born here in the valley,Chesterfield,SC on wednesday morning March 14th. This is my first experience having the opportunity to raise a foal. She is awesome!!!
Full of spirit and the looks and actions of a "FAWN)
I want to break her to ride children and do some barrel racing.
She has already showed great promise with her speed and endurance ,( :) strong )at 3 weeks of age.
I am new to the horse world so any encouraging advice you experts can offer will be greatly appreciated.
I will try and keep a journal here and keep you updated on her progress. i will send photos later. any questions are welcome.[/list]

spoiledrottenpenner 04-17-2007 10:47 AM

TB/mustang sounds great for a barrel racing horse tb for the speed and mustang for the heart and also being a filly she will grow to be a great mare and mares give u more heart than any gelding or studs.. don't get me wrong i luv my boys i have a stud that i am trainng that is great and a gelding that is just my baby boy but i have two mares and they will give u all they got and then some so good luck.. and have faith.

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