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FutureVetGirl 09-12-2008 06:01 PM

It's Happened Again! O_O
Ok... so... it's happened again. Turns out that the horse I've been riding, that I thought was a gelding, is a stallion. That's most DEFINATELY got his balls. I was riding on a different horse behind him the other week... and I couldn't help but notice (come on... you're sitting behind this horse for 2 hours... :P). I was really shocked. He was always so sweet, kind, and gentle. And lazy. He's seven or eight years old, and an ex-racer. You'd think that for a stallion he'd be a bit more feisty.

He does act up a bit (just a bit) when he sees other horses, but mainly it's just wanting to go faster to see them, not wanting to pass them, and neighing REALLY loud to get their attention.

He's also really barny... and never really wants to get out of his stall, into the open air. :P

But I think it's kind of funny. I ride these horses, they're great horses, for beginners as well as for advanced riders, and then, after a few times of riding them, I suddenly realize that they're stallions! Out of the 20+ horses I've ridden... I think 2 were mares, and four or five were Geldings. All the rest were stallions. :shock:

Don't worry... he's a gorgeous horse with great bloodlines. I only know his stable name though: Koki (Koh-kee).

o0hawaiigirl0o 09-13-2008 12:11 AM

Wow, that's alot of stallions! Well, I guess for me it is considering that I've never even ridden or really met one. I've ridden at the same barn all my life and we do lessons and training. With our facilities, it's basically impossible to have a stallion. That's neat that they've all been so well behaved. I'm glad their owners took the time to have them properly trained so that they have sound minds. :)

FutureVetGirl 09-13-2008 09:30 AM

Haha... and the funniest thing of all is that most to all were off the track. Both Thoroughbreds as well as Standardbreds. It's really funny.

I love mares, they're so smooth, but I'm not a huge fan of most geldings because they tend to be slow, and quiet. Too quiet to suit my tastes... :P

I think that a lot of people here have a horse, and don't want to go through all the trouble of gelding them. Not that it's much trouble. Almost all have excellent bloodlines and conformation though. So it's not like they're using almost any horse with horrid conformation. They definately geld the ones that won't be suited to breed at any time (like Mozart).

The funniest one was where I had been riding this one horse for nearly a year, and one of my friends was talking about buying him. And then suddenly, she began talking about how much it'd cost to geld him. I nearly went into shock. This eight or nine year old boy that was always so calm and good, never bucked, never went crazy around any mare or other horse, and was always so good... a stallion??? I took a good look at him a couple days later... and sure enough... he WAS a stallion. :roll:

There have been a few stallions that I've ridden that have been a bit crazier. One was Duki Gonzales, a pony. He's a beginner's horse, so he's not all bad, but he's pretty barny, and likes to buck at times. He's never bolted, and is good with beginners... but if you know more... he goes nuts. :P Another was Hollywood. I only rode him once, and he has the smoothest Standardbred trot I have ever seen. But he has a bolting problem *sigh*. The last one was Magnet Boy. He was HUGE. 17 hands high... Thoroughbred. Boy... he was... well... interesting. He was good, quiet, and smooth, but he certainly was a handfull. :P

All the rest have been sweet and kind. I can't say the same for EVERY stallion at the barns I've been to... but for the ones I've ridden... :P

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