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Brandon 09-12-2008 06:54 PM

Tough Decision....
Hey guys, well alot has happend recently so let me update you guys before i hit you with the tough decision..

About a week ago my trainer called me and told me they where gonna stop doing lessons and where gonna have to sell 15 of there horses, including Nana. So for the last week i have been depressed and just really down because i couldnt buy her..

Well out of curiousity i asked how much they wanted for Nana because i thought that if it was at a price i could afford then i might buy her..and they told me they havent decided yet..

well today they told me that if i wanted to buy her they would only charge me $750 dollars for her, and thats very generous because they could get ALOT more for her..

well my plan if i was to buy her.. I would use some of the 1400 dollar student loan that i am (hopefully) about to get, to pay for her.. then find a place that offers pasture board that will only charge 150$ a month, because i use to pay 160 dollars a month to take 8 lessons a month (20 bucks a lesson), so i actually would be saving 10 dollars....

I want to do this, but i just need some words of wisdom.. I love this horse alot..

My grandma is against me using my student loan for this....

horsey*kisses 09-12-2008 07:06 PM

it really depends on you,
if the situation were me and my horse without a second thought i would do it, but it all depends on you, you make the decision about whats best for her AND YOU!!! if you know your going to be a wreck and you literally can not make it without her then do it, if you can support her and still go to school and MAKE IT then why not
lol just make sure everything is going to be covered, no matter what you cant make a dollar out of 15 cents

jazzyrider 09-12-2008 07:10 PM

the only thing that makes me question this is when you said you wanted to use some of your student loan. is that supposed to be for books and stuff??

i think if you can afford it then do it. like was said above if i was in that situation i know i would bend over backwards to get the horse.

good luck with it all ;)

appylover31803 09-12-2008 07:10 PM

I understand your grandma not wanting you to use your student loan. That's money for your education, not for a horse.

Though I have to say, that $750 is extremely cheap and so is the $150 a month for board.

Would you have enough money to pay for board every month? What about vet and farrier bills?
Will you have enough money for emergencies?
Do you have tack or will you have to buy it?

Will you have enough time during the school year to spend time with her?

What wast he loan going to be going towards? (books? tuition?)

I wish you the best of luck!

SonnyWimps 09-12-2008 07:26 PM

There are reasons that I agree with your grandma and reaons that I say go get her!

You did say Nana had back problems? How will this effect her in the long run? Will this limit your riding time? Will this affect her soundness at all?
I know you said she's overweight which contributes to the back problem, but I doubt it's the only cause.

But I know how much you love Nana, and if you think that she is the horse for you, I say go and get her.

But I don't think you should be using college loans for her, but that's just me. If you feel that that is how you want to spend the loans, then go ahead.

Brandon 09-12-2008 08:50 PM

Ok I will try to answer everyones questions

The purpose of the loan was to basically be for extra money and if anythin happend to my truck, i would have money to fix it.... My classes and stuff is already paid for with my Pell Grant..

1.) I will have more than enough to cover boarding
2.) Farrier bills wont be a problem
3.) vet bills and emergencies I believe it will be covered.
4.) I will buy the tack that they have for nana, but i dont know how much that is and they will hold the tack for me until i am ready to buy it..

5.) Its been so long, but i think nana's back is fine.. its been so long that i dont remember what the actual cause was.. I will ask my trainer again. I trust my trainer, and i know she wouldn't sell me a horse that would cause me abunch of problems.

6.) i will have time for her, i only go to class Monday and Wednesday.

farmpony84 09-12-2008 08:55 PM

How old is Nana?

Here's my thoughts... I bought my first horse for $500. I made payments on hime, $100 per week for a over a month. Do you have a job? If you have a job then I would say, just do it... Nana is a good safe horse and you've already bonded with her...

I did not have a saddle or a bridle for weeks after I bought him. I rode him with a halter and lead rope. Then I got a bridle and we rode bareback... it was quite a while before I got a saddle. A good saddle is going to set you back. But then I was wondering if you could get them to throw in tack as well?

just, make sure you go to school. Do the school. Maybe you can find a local stables where you can work a few days a week in exchange for board. lots of times that is a good way to go...

let us know what you decide and how things go. I do understand your grandmas thoughts... but sometimes... You just have to follow your heart.... Just go into it with your eyes wide open.

Brandon 09-12-2008 09:08 PM

Nana is 18 yrs old, atleast i think it was 18.. she might be 17....

I talk to my grandma again tonight and she actually kinda accepted it.. she was just worried about my school.. which I am confident school will not be effected by this..

farmpony84 09-12-2008 09:20 PM

17/18 that's not really bad. Put her on a senior feed and make sure her teeth don't need to be floated. She should give you another 10 or 15 years of enjoyment and the cool thing is, she won't spend the rest of her life as a lesson horse, she'll be with someone that will love her and care for her. So many horses don't get that.

Brandon 09-12-2008 10:10 PM

yea, the senior feed is what i was thinkin of gettin her. I think i might try and give her suppliments, like vitamins and such... but i aint sure because i dont want to give her somethin that she already gets enough of.

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