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MissColors 12-10-2012 11:39 PM

Finally a good fit.
So I bought a western saddle off a friend who bought it brand new. A Double T. Paid $175. Extremely fair considering it still had the plastic on it and the rope girth was actually white. Came also with a bridle and reins. Just picked it up tonight and took it for a little spin.

The saddle I have and have been riding in is a knock off draft saddle that does not fit my Appaloosa in the front. To my poor horses misfortune due to "it fits him well" from a few people. Well I moved to a new barn that has a tack shop on site and the very knowledgeable lady who works there comes out and asks, "isn't that painful?" I'm confused and ask why. Well she identified to me that my saddle was (didn't know then) draft saddle, was built downward, and was probably killing my horse. So not only am I killing my horse by the saddle I was riding in built downward thus leaving all of my weight and pressure on his front but was probably throwing him off balance. Poor guy. I do love this saddle because is comfortable, it was my anniversary gift for my first year with my boo, and I love the color and how it looks on my horse.

To correct the issue with anniversary saddle I custom ordered a pad with lifts.

So I took the new(john, as it is to be called) saddle out for a spin after lunging my horse with it on to see how he liked it. He didn't show any distaste to it. So I thought why the hell not. And tell you what it felt like I had never sat in a saddle before. It was like night and day. I was just so astounded. I had better posture, my horse moved great under it. It appeared to fit him well also. Tomorrow I an going to go to the shop and have the lady check out the new one for me and get her advice.

This is it but contrary to the photo mine tonight looked almost a chocolate color.

Have you guys ever had a "tack epiphany" ?
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Phly 12-10-2012 11:54 PM

Myself no. But a friend of ours had a horse that bucked when loping. She used our daughters corriente saddle. No buck. She bought a new saddle
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Fargosgirl 12-11-2012 01:56 PM

Just last week! I have been struggling to get my horse to canter for two years now! He would only canter for a few strides then quit. If I got really assertive about "YOU ARE GOING TO CANTER!" he would buck; not something I wanted him to learn so I avoided it for almost 6 months. Then I was watching a video about saddle fit, it explained that pressure behind the withers can cause your horse to throw his head and avoid moving forward. The light bulb came on! That was an exact description of what my horse was doing.

I tried a different saddle. When I asked him to trot, he floated out into a beautiful canter! AND he kept cantering! By the end of our second ride in the new saddle, he was cantering slower than he trots. I'm going to have to teach him that trotting is still an option, since he seems to have fallen in love with cantering now!

MissColors 12-11-2012 05:32 PM

Good good good! :)
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