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ginofalltrades 12-11-2012 10:11 PM

Between 3 and 4, how much did they grow?
Hi guys, just wondering how much your horses grew between years 3 and 4.
Also wondering how much change of wither they had as well...

Phly 12-11-2012 10:43 PM

My colt grew quite a bit maybe a whole hand. didn't really measure.
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AQHA13 12-11-2012 10:45 PM

maybe an inch, if that. But, she really filled out during that time period.

SaddleStrings 12-11-2012 11:48 PM

My mare went from barely 15.1 at 3yrs old to a full 15.3 at 4.5 yrs. Even her head grew! When I acquired Belle last June, she wore a regular sized halter. Then this summer, her nose and on her halter started to rub on her cheeks and felt tight, and I could barely do up the halter around her ears! So now she wears a large horse size halter. I didn't think she would grow that much in a little over a year.

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