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countrylove 12-13-2012 05:01 PM

Meet Comet
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I keep saying I'm going to officially introduce the mare I'm always talking about and then I forget. So here it finally is lol
Me and my mare the very first time I ever climbed on her back.

She is a 9yr old Arab. Her dam passed away (not sure why) so she was bottle fed. Once sold by the breeder she ended up in a home which fed her nothing but straw and bread. They also beat her to make her submissive enough to saddle. They never could ride her because she layed down and refused to get up which in turn got her beat again. Her last owner 'rescued' her and spoiled her rotten literally. She foundered and learned to be extremely pushy and disrespectful. They never did any work with her either, just turned her out to pasture. Her last owner had to get rid of her because she was sick/weak and could not control Comet. Everyone was scared she was going to get hurt and Comet was deemed dangerous. So thats how she ended up at the rescue I work for. Idk why but we just clicked. We bonded right off the bat and that led the owner to basically give her to me. We have worked through alot of issues, both her fears and mine. She is teaching me how to trust, how to be forgiving, and that there is always sunshine at the end of the storm. If she can trust again, if she can forgive people, so can I. She is my heart horse <3 I have been through a lot in life and she is teaching me to see the future instead of dwelling in the past.

I can now saddle her although she hates it and my trainer said she probably always will. She went from terrified and running from the saddle to standing while I saddle her but she does fidget still. She also hates the bit but is getting better with time and exposure. Each ride gets better and better but she does best bareback in a halter and lead rope. We are going to be starting training for trail competitions and are considering showmanship. I cant wait to see what the future holds for me and my new best friend. Btw I officially adopted her in October but she had been at the rescue since August and Ive been working with her since August on ground work. We started the saddle work a little over 2 weeks ago. My trainer is so confident in Comet that she gave my 10yr old niece a lesson on her. She is truly the best <3
Our first ride in the saddle :) I know my posture is to far forward, heels should be down, and my hands need to be lower and in front of the saddle. I was nervous. My trainer was there helping me and this was the only pic we got because it was a lesson not a photo shoot lol and I know it looks like Im yanking on her mouth but I promise Im not. We think this was the first time she ever had a bit in her mouth and she kept throwing her head and fighting the bit. She has gotten alot better since then.
Sunbathing and enjoying some down time :)
Comet with my 6yr old son :)
She stands so still for kids :)
Official Adoption Day <3
Can't leave out my boy Desperado aka Despo. This was my very first heart horse. We had 10+ wonderful years and now he is making another young girls dreams come true :D
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countrylove 12-13-2012 05:04 PM

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Welcome to our adventure :)
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Cacowgirl 12-13-2012 06:15 PM

So good to hear a happy story, & that a rescue horse was turned around & now has a good life & a loving home.

BBBCrone 12-13-2012 11:01 PM

Congrats! She's beautiful.

countrylove 12-13-2012 11:22 PM

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Thanks to both of you :)
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westdressgirl 12-13-2012 11:36 PM

Very kind eye!

countrylove 12-14-2012 12:08 AM

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Thanks :) she is such a sweet heart and so eager to please. I don't understand how her previous owners couldn't handle her. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She use to be pushy and in your face but never mean and that was easily solved. She is smart and picks things up in just a few lessons. I'm amazed at how quickly she has progressed. A total 180 :D
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Thunderspark 12-14-2012 01:13 AM

I got my mare who is going to be 11 in the spring, she was 3yr. when I got her and had 30 days riding. I hadn't been around horses for years but when I went to see her, she was standing at the back of a herd where i couldn't really see her but all I saw was her head peeking up trying to see LOL I feel in love with her big soft brown eyes and bought her! We've come a long ways since then, alot figured I was stupid buying a horse that would bolt and couldn't really trail ride. But she never bolted on me and we spent alot of time getting to know each other and learning to trust each we ride all over the place, I ride her biteless, sometimes with a saddle, sometimes with a bareback pad.....she's got a big heart and I love her to death! Almost 5 yrs. ago I bred her and 3 1/2 yrs. ago she had her son Street. She trusted me enough that I could take Street out in the yard with me and she wasn't the least bit worried about him and knew I would take good care of him......I'm hoping he is going to turn out just like his Mom.....

Congrats on your adoption on Comet! You're going to have a wonderful time with her and have many fun experiences!

countrylove 01-01-2013 06:48 PM

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Update: well saddle work is on hold :( ... we have basically a solid layer of ice under very slippery powdery snow and my chunky monkey is not fit enough to carry a rider on such bad footing but she is still getting worked on the ground :)

Considering shoes for her front feet. I was hoping to keep her barefoot because she has good feet but she drags her front feet and wears the toe completely off, so well see what the farrier says next week.

And lastly here are some more recent pics :)

Can you tell we both lost weight recently :)
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countrylove 01-01-2013 06:50 PM

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Oh suggestions to tone up a saggy belly from the ground?
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