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averylilly 12-13-2012 06:18 PM

OTTB Critique?
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Hi y'all i would love to hear your thoughs on my rescue OTTB.I got him off of a friend of mine that works at the track.She had been giveing him from some guy that had 45+ race horses and was runing out of money fast. Since wolf was not makeing any money they feed him just enough to keep alive.So he is pretty skinny.He has gained a little since a have had him.And i think since he has nice sized shoulder he will fill out to be a bigger horse.He was retired at the age of 7.Which i think is very odd for him to sound and stay sound but he has.Don't get me wrong I am more than happy he is it just i expected him to have leg problems.I think he was used as a "Rabbit".he did not win at all in the last year of raceing. Any way he is super sweet and i love him to peices.He is great under saddle a bit on the lazy side.He has never offerd to buck,kick,bite or rear.I think he looks like a typical hunter. Sorry the pic are not the best.In a couple i think he looks kinda down hill but the footing is not level so that's why

Almond Joy 12-13-2012 06:31 PM

Very pretty guy! I like him a lot, although I am no confo expert so take my critique with a grain of salt.

Very nice shoulder with a nice slope and everything
Nice short cannons
Pasterns are a bit upright in the front and ok in the back
A bit butt-high in some of the photos
Back legs a bit posty
And his hindquarters are on the small side but I'm sure they will fill in with some proper feeding and muscling

ETA: I think he might have a bit of a roached back also.

Good luck with him! He's really pretty and I love the one white marking! So cute!

RunSlideStop 12-13-2012 06:55 PM

Poor baby! What a sweet face he has!

I would say that he is pretty solid for the state he is in. I think when he gets some weight on him, perhaps a visit from the chiropractor could do him some real good.

As far as conformation:
- He needs muscling, but that will come with groceries and time. This will hopefully fill out his hiney and help to bulk up his back legs. He has good bone, it seems.
- He may be a bit back at the knee, but it's hard to tell really. Could be the photo, the angle he's standing at, or maybe even a result of something being out of alignment or the like. We'll see when he gets fatter, but he has pretty straight legs for the most part.
- I'm not a fan of his front feet. The pasterns seem long and it appears that he toes out a bit. It seems that his hooves are causing the toe-out look, though.
- He seems a bit flat in the hind end, and his shoulder looks pretty square, so I'm not sure how well he would do with collection and the like, but I bet he would make a decent hunter. I wouldn't bet on him becoming a PSG mount, but you never know!

He has a super cute, kind eye, and an adorable little face. I think he's a real catch! Great job with this one! :)

Endiku 12-13-2012 09:44 PM

Poor dear! I'm so glad that he's made his way to you. Sounds like he deserves it. I think the roach that Almond is seeing though, is not a roach but rather just his spine because he's that thin. Its going to be a real chore to get him back up to weight but it can be done and he looks like such a sweet, grateful boy!

We have a foster mare who had severe ulcers as well as other health problems who was at about his weight. It took us about 4 months to get her in riding condition but she looks great now! She looked rather awkward and roachy just like he did, but now that she's thicker, that roach is completely gone and she actually has very nice conformation. Give him some time, he might just suprise you!

Back2Horseback 12-13-2012 11:53 PM

While I can't even call myself a "beginner" yet in regard to grasping conformation, (though I can finally see the really obvious flaws and the very clearly excellently conformed horse...hey, it's a start!), I can say two things for certain about him.

1) He has a tremendously kind, soft eye...I'd imagine he's sharp and will be a willing and hard-working mount for the rider/owner he loves.

2) I notice that in nearly every pic his ears are fully pricked forward and interested. Another plus in my book that he'll be quick to learn, enjoy his work, & just be a happy/lovey guy to own.

Lucky you for winding up with him!:-P

Best to you and to him...can't wait to see him all fattened/muscled up in a few months!


westdressgirl 12-14-2012 12:01 AM

Nice horse, looks like a diamond in the rough! Just add TLC :D

Muppetgirl 12-14-2012 12:31 AM

He's a nice looking guy......two things that stood out to me straight away is that he looks a little pigeon toed in the front and his hocks are very straight.....these things are not the end of the world, but a consideration:-)

Elana 12-14-2012 10:48 AM

I like this horse a good bit. I think he can really go places as a saddle horse.. maybe hunters.. maybe dressage. He has a bit steep shoulder but the angle from point of shoulder to elbow is not flat.. so he may be nice in the air for hunters or equitation over fences some day.

Really cannot wait to see him when he is filled out with good feed and good training.

I do like a nice thoroughbred. Always have.

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