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Horsev3erandrider824 12-13-2012 06:43 PM

Wanting to own my own horse but isn't a option Ideas?
So a little background about me, I have been riding for about 8 1/2 years and i am at a great barn right now (switch barns a couple of times). At my barn there are many different breeds of horses, a 18.2 hand shire mare, gypsy cobs, and mainly Quarter horses. I have ridden almost all the horses at my barn. Two years ago, i leased a 5 1/2 year old QH mare, and i leased her over this previous summer. I have been showing for two years locally. I would consider myself an intermediate rider. I have ridden a horse the age of 4-27 years old and i ride different horses every time i go to the barn for a lesson. I mainly work on flat with my instructor, and beginning to learn to jump. I have help out with camp and at my barn on the weekends and know basic equine aid for horses when they are hurt and how to care for a horse (stall cleaning, feeding, turnout, lungeing, worming). Recently i have been wanting my own horse that i can work with my trainer, but my parents say no. What are some other options for me since getting a horse is out of the Question (for now)? Or ideas to convincing my parents i am ready for a horse of my own? I have a great understanding of the amount of time and energy that goes into owning a horse.I am planning on going to college with an equestrian team. Any info would help thanks :)

Herdof2 12-13-2012 07:11 PM

What about leasing?

Horsev3erandrider824 12-13-2012 07:20 PM

Thanks for your reply but I have leased before but the outcome with owners hasn't worked out, not saying i wouldn't mind leasing i just have had bad out outcomes from them. last summer the other leaser (and her mother) would come on my days we had figured out and i told her that we had worked it out and that it was my day to ride, but she acted like she owned the horse and could do whatever she felt like with the horse, and the owner was friends with the mother of this girl so you figure out how it ended up. i would like to gain more responsibility, maybe i need to find a horse that is just me leasing, i know it sounds selfish but im tired of relying on people and not being able to ride as much as i thought i was going to.

ChingazMyBoy 12-13-2012 07:23 PM

The worst thing you can do is beg your parents for a horse - not saying that you do this, but, remember to be reasonable with them and try to understand where they are coming from. Try to find a solution that both they and you are happy with. Don't hassle your parents on the topic, ask them to sit down with you and discuss it (once), then, go away and think about what they said. Then, return to them with a logical and practical response.

I noticed that you mentioned that you are aware of the time and energy needed to own your own horse, you did not mention financial. Your parents may believe that they are not in a financial situation to support a horse (as, horses can be very costly - especially with unexpected vet bills).

If, you are in a financial place where you are able to support a horse, you cannot verbally convince your parents you are ready for a horse. You need to show them. Many parents worry that their children will lose their interest or commitment to the horse - leaving them with a very expensive pet. Do you get paid for the work you do at the barn - if you do, you should save up a horse fund so that you can contribute to the costs of your horse. It is excellent that you are already doing all this extra work - it'll show your parents that you are committed.

Could you lease a horse again? Leasing is a great step to take before you purchase your first horse. Some people decide on leasing one horse, others go through many leased horses. Can you do full care of your leased horse? This would show your parents that you are capable of owning a horse, without them being concerned about what they will do with the horse if you aren't able to care for it (they can return it immediately/at the end of the leasing parents).
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ChingazMyBoy 12-13-2012 07:25 PM

As for your last comment on leasing - did you have a contract? The only way to know exactly what your rights are, what you pay for and how the owner/other leasing parties can contribute is through having them written down on a signed contact. If the horse gets injuried, who pays? What do you pay for? - Feeds, tack, etc.
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Horsev3erandrider824 12-13-2012 07:55 PM

Thanks for your reply, it was very helpful, i may begin leasing again. My parents aren't horsey people so it hard to explain/ talk and sit down with them about, the farthest i have gotten is talking of a free lease but as soon i told them that i would be in complete responsibility of the horses well being they immediately said no. I made spreadsheets of all of the cost that i got from the owner (since it was her horse) and i wanted to show them physically not just verbally. :) My parents are very supportive but i think they think riding as a hobby but for me personally it's more than hobby and i want to go to college that specializes in equine business.

Iseul 12-13-2012 08:12 PM

I suggest leasing. Im on my third leased horse. First one was leased for 2 months before the owner switched barns (good ridence, he couldve been a good barrel horse though), second one was an evil mare that I leased and retrained for 6-8 months until she got a new owner that I just could NOT stand), and Ive been leasing my current mare for about 8 months now with a 2 month break while I was out of state.

My current lease is a full lease with option to buy (BO doesnt think she'll be good enough for me since I want to show, but I dont think I could give her up, she's saved my life). While Im essentially paying to train this mare, I plan on buying her and making it all worth it. Her owner is also a friend and we're like family, the barn is quite literally a second home to me. The guard dog even lets me in when BO isnt there (im allowed).

I think finding a horse that you enjoy as a partner and a good, honest owner is the way to go when leasing. While I had fun with Dude, Im soo glad Im not still leasing him. Dude wasnt what I wanted, Lucky was pretty darn close and taught me quite a bit about training and showing, and ST (current lease) is my heart horse that Id do anything for. Id give up my cigarette, food, and any extra money to help her owner out with vet costs if she got hurt, even if it had nothing to do with me riding/working with her. While I dont actually own her, she's my horse..and everyone who knows me, BO, etc knows it. That's what I was looking for with my lease..not just a horse to ride. I went to my BO because she was a friend of my previous BO's and was never anything but nice to me ane offered up her horse once. She flat out told me she needed work to show like I wanted, but if I was willing to I could ride/lease her. I pay $100 a month and help out around the house/property when I get a chance, and I know it's worth so much more than that. Some leases around here cost $350
/month for 3 riding days a week, but that's your fancy show horse that's beginner safe. Try posting an ad in your local tack store or such about what you're looking for in a lease and search around online. I've also seen a lot off free leases (you pay all expenses while you're leasing) online and one of those might be a good in between for you and your parents. They can always just give the horse back if you prove you aren't responsible/dedicated enough, or they could keep leasing it.
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Horsev3erandrider824 12-13-2012 08:38 PM

@ Iseul thanks for the info, it was very helpful, leasing seems to be the reply from everyone which i really appreciate, btw when you say that you are free leasing do you mean you pay for the horse expenses or just a contract lease ride deal?

Horsev3erandrider824 12-13-2012 08:44 PM

@ ChingazMyBoy When i was leasing the horse, the owner had just bought the horse from the previous owner who i leased from before, We wrote up a contract, Originally i thought it was going to be just me leasing for that was what the owner implied but this other leaser (friends of the owner) came into the picture without kinda just dropped in and then after that it went downhill (the mother of the leaser wanted total control of the horse and her daughter could only ride so yeah, and the owner would never reply to my messages when i texted her so..... thats partly why i ended leasing (as well as other things) that horse because i was becoming to tired the people involved

Iseul 12-14-2012 05:55 AM

I have a cheap full lease (I pay a contract lease ride..even though I dont have a contract since I came back home and not sure if the other one still stands..just GET A CONTRACT).
With a free lease though, you dont pay a certain fee to use the horse, but you pay all expenses; board, vet, farrier, etc. A lot of the time vet bills are spelled out very specifically in the lease contract because those are the most expensive bills and our friends are rather accident
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