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tatiilange 12-14-2012 01:18 PM

Best potencial Jumper (conformation)
So, first of all hi!
this is the very first time i join this kind of forums and my english is pretty poor, but this looked like a very nice community, so i want to give it a try! c:

Ive been ridding for 5-6 years, but ive never had my own horse. My highest separate jump was 1.45 meters and ive competed in 1.00-1.10m, though that was ablout 3 years ago (im better now). Now, as i dont own a horse im not allowed to compete.

Well, anyway, finally im looking for a horse for myself. I dont want a 12 years old master horse! I want to train with my horse, not only myself. Im looking for a young horse with good potential, and ive found these three: (the publications are in spanish tought i summarized what they say here)

Vendo Yegua Inglesa Nueva - $ 1.800.000 en MercadoLibre
Mare. 5 years. 1.70m. About 4,000 dollars.
She looks pretty thin and with a long neck, but that might be for being so young? Also, dont look just to the first photo because her anatomy looks awfull there, the owner sent me another photo where she doesnt look so disproportionate. Competed once.

Hermoso Caballo Iniciado En Equitacion, 6 Años, Sano - Lampa - Animales - batuco
Gelding. 6 years. 1.68m. About 4,000 dollars too.
This one looks stronger that the mare. Very calm, has been used for ridding classes with people with absolutely no experience. Has already competed.

Caballo Maestro Equitacion Para Niños, 7 Años, Sano - Lampa - Animales - batuco
Gelding. 7 years. No more than 1.65m . Almost 6,000 dollars.
This one seems lo bascule (is that the word?) veery nicely, even when jumps are low. Very calm, has been used for ridding classes with people with absolutely no experience. Has already competed.

The last one looks "better" but i dont know if that is because he is older and more worked. They are all supposed to be nice and calm.

I havnt seen them in person, this Saturday ill visit the first mare, and the Tuesday or Wednesday ill go to see the other two ones, ill tell you how it goes!

thank you very much! i know you cant see much of the conformation in these photos, ill upload more after i go to see them! :D just say what you sincerely think <3

DraftyAiresMum 12-14-2012 01:29 PM

Bienvenidos! Your English is excellent! In fact, better than a lot of people I've seen post. ;-)

As for the horses, I would choose either the second gelding (the 7yo) or the mare. I'm not sure what it is, but there's just something I don't like about the gray gelding (or his jump). I prefer the chestnut gelding to the mare simply because he has a tiny bit more experience (not just more training, but more show experience, so you wouldn't have to worry about him freaking out at shows) and appears to have very nice conformation.
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Elana 12-14-2012 01:31 PM

The last one looks the best but I have to say.. it looks like all three have been asked to do more than they can at the stage of training they are in. the first two hang their knees and the second one actually twists her front end unevenly just to clear the fence. The last horse also hangs her knees a bit.. but seems better in two of the photos.

Quite honestly these horses look like they have had their training rushed. They look like they are being asked to jump high before learning how to find their "spot" to jump from. Two of them look dangerous over high fences.. the sort who would catch a jump with a knee and turn over on you.

I would pass on all these horses.

tatiilange 12-14-2012 01:36 PM

DraftyAiresMum Thank you for the answer!
Yes, both owners tell me their horses are very calm and gentle, but the mare has never been out of the club where she lives, while the other two have competed in other clubs and arent scared of trailers and cars (a real advantage i think! )

tatiilange 12-14-2012 01:38 PM

Elana... yes, but thats how horses are trained here :/ i have found even worse cases. the last two where first ridden when they had 4, i dont know about the mare though

tatiilange 12-15-2012 08:20 PM

Today i couldnt go see the mare, as i expected... :/

Also, I was just told that the last gelding is already 8 years old.

Here there are more photos of the mare:

Elana 12-16-2012 09:05 AM

She is way on her forehand and she really hangs her knees dangerously over fences. This is a horse that will someday catch a rail and flip or crash in a way that may leave her and/or her rider really badly damaged.

jillybean19 12-16-2012 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by tatiilange (Post 1799336)
the last two where first ridden when they had 4, i dont know about the mare though

Your English is excellent - better than a lot of native English speakers! I can't help you with your horse question, but the way you phrased this made me smile because in English and Spanish, we say ages differently and I see my Spanish students make this mistake all the time, just in the opposite way since they're learning Spanish.

In Spanish, we say that the person "had 4 years", as if it were a possession. However, in English, we say that the person was 4 years old, as if it were a condition. So you have to switch to the appropriate verb.

En español, decimos que la persona "tenía 4 años", como si fuera una posesión. Aunque, en inglés, decimos que la persona "was" 4 años, como si fuera una condición. Así que, sería "The last two were first ridden when they were 4." Hay que cambiar el verbo. Mis estudiantes siempre quieren decir "era/estaba 4 años" cuando están hablando español porque es el verbo correcto en inglés, ¡pero no en español!

And there's the Spanish nerd in me X-D

Weezilla 12-16-2012 06:59 PM

As usual, I agree with Elana. 100%. First mare and second horse are one jump away from a horrific crash. First mare looks like she likes flatwork, though... :)

tatiilange 12-17-2012 09:55 AM

Elana, i see the same as you, but i thought that, as they are young, that can be correcterd with more training? maybe im totally wrong though... do you really think these horses are compleatly and irreparably messed up??

jillybean19 youre right! i noticed that mistake after posting lol youll see i make a lot of those stupid mistakes when i write XD

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