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RahneShadow 12-14-2012 07:32 PM

Oldenburg dream?
So I have always wanted an Oldenburg as my second horse. I plan on buying a nice property in a few years with a big barn where I can have others board and train and when I do so I will be looking more into buying a new horse. I honestly dont know a whole lot about the breed, so if anyone does, please post info. Are the good jumpers? Well tempered? Too hard to handle? Energetic? Lazy? Anything you can tell me. I am only looking to do show jumping with the horse, no dressage or eventing or anything. It'll mostly be a show horse, as I have an Appaloosa that is my trail horse. How much does a well bred Oldenburg cost? Is it in the upwards of $10,000+? (then I can't afford one). If you guys maybe know of any ads of some Oldy's for sale please do post as well!

(if you do not like the breed, tell me politely and give reasoning. don't just say I don't like them. if you give me enough reasoning it may alter my decision in the long run of getting one so I'd like good info as to why)

thanks so much!

Inga 12-14-2012 07:37 PM

As with any breed of horse, each one is an individual. Many are great jumpers, many are great in dressage and many are not. Deciding what it is you are looking to do with your horse will help in knowing where to start looking for it.

ninjahorse 12-16-2012 11:10 AM

I love the breed. The price may get you, though. A TRAINED Oldenburg usually costs more than $10,000. Of course, there is always the exception. Don't give up on your dream. I wanted a warmblood for years growing up. I ended up finding my Oldenburg mare on a grocery bulletin board for free. Granted, the owner did not know she was an Oldenburg and she was in terrible shape. She is branded and an incredible horse to ride! Good luck in your search!

xJumperx 12-16-2012 11:26 AM

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Here are just some ads :) Definitely out of your area, but didn't think you were shopping right now ;)
6 Year Old Oldenburg Mare Working Training/1st - $4,500
Classy 16.3h Branded Oldenburg-level 7 Jumper/dressage - $8,500
Premium Oldenburg Mare For Sale - $15,000
I've found some Oldenburgs on EquineNow going for triple digit numbers, and many that are in the 50-90k price range. They are pretty hard to get a hold of.

I've never met an Oldenburg, so can't really form an opinon :)

countercanter 12-16-2012 02:52 PM

My junior hunter was an Oldenburg. Love that horse to pieces. Best personality and a blast to ride. And he was nearly 18 hands haha. Obviously not all horses are the same, but many of the warmbloods I know are similar (many, not all). He is now 19 years old and packs a younger girl around 2 foot courses.

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