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Klassic Superstar 12-14-2012 09:51 PM

Ollie on the lunge line, how does he look?
So I'm only able to do 30 minutes of ride time at walk and trot for the next week as he has ulcers and we are just starting treatment, it's obvious that when he canters it's very uncomfortable for him but needs to be worked or he will get into trouble in the pasture.

So I did our warm up on the lunge line and got video of it, snapped photos from my video and here is what I got.

In our warm up we always do lots of walk trot transitions to rock his weight back and keep him on his toes, he was very good today, really wante to please but had to keep reminding him to keep it simple so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable.
Poor boy just wants to please me!

I'll be getting video an pictures on Sunday and will post them :)
Here are the photos from our warm up!

EvilHorseOfDoom 12-14-2012 09:58 PM

I'd be lengthening those side-reins a lot, and connecting them to the roller on a higher ring. He's tucking in behind the vertical and avoiding contact (and therefore dropping onto the forehand) which is not what you want. To be honest I'd be tempted to chuck the inside side-rein completely, put the outside one on a VERY loose setting, clip the line to the inside bit ring and run the line through the corresponding roller ring. That way you can give and release the inside rein as needed, while the outside side-rein prevents the bit from pulling through the mouth, or the horse from spinning in toward the centre.

Klassic Superstar 12-14-2012 10:03 PM

He only has one side rein on, it's very loos and I have the lunge long from the girth through his loos ring, I don't see how he is on the forehand. I see him stretching into the contact. I can help him bend to the inside this way only when needed an half halt him if needed but I keep a very soft contact through the line.

EvilHorseOfDoom 12-14-2012 10:14 PM

OK, I just had a closer look at it, wasn't obvious - yeah the line is through the inside. So something else is making him tuck up and avoid the contact.

He is on the forehand if you look, his balance is all on his front legs. It doesn't matter how much he's stretching through his back, he's pulling himself along from the front rather than pushing from behind. That is inevitable when he's trying to avoid contact and is tucked up that far behind the vertical. So that's the thing to fix first.

I would be taking the sidereins off altogether if that's the case, and getting him just free-schooling in an active manner. This horse needs to learn/re-learn that contact is a nice thing and that he should want to feel it - at the moment he is finding any way to avoid it and until that is fixed lungeing him will just work all the wrong muscles. I'd practice walking him on a long rein under saddle and getting him to chew the reins out of your hands. Once he's doing that nicely, move into trot circles and eventually trot on the long-side. Only once he's actively seeking contact will he lunge correctly.

Hope this helps, he's a really nice looking horse :-)

JustDressageIt 12-14-2012 10:16 PM

I like that he's tracking up despite being on the forehand and coming BTV. I really dislike that he's sucking back so much and coming so far behind the vertical.

Peppy Barrel Racing 12-14-2012 10:19 PM

Perhaps he is sucking in and avoiding contact due to pain from the ulcers?

Klassic Superstar 12-14-2012 10:26 PM

That's what I'm thinking cause he was really avoiding the contact today undersaddle, I had great moments with him and really praised the crap out of him when he was coming through!

Feeling so sorry for the boy, he wants to work! He kept trying to canter today an it was clear he was uncomfortable and was very upset when I kept bring him down from it.
Hes getting alfalfa and Timothy starts the aloe today and tomorrow I'm getting him the stuff from Costco that works great and it's cheap, my trainer and I are thinking its just going to be something he will need in the fall and either and start of spring. He did great this summer but as soon as that summer grass whent away he dropped weight and got ribby and jumpy and all sorts of things.

EvilHorseOfDoom 12-14-2012 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by JustDressageIt (Post 1800037)
I like that he's tracking up despite being on the forehand and coming BTV. I really dislike that he's sucking back so much and coming so far behind the vertical.

This. Once he does get off the forehand and come back onto the contact and on the vertical he'll be looking pretty awesome I think!!

But if he isn't going around properly (because of the ulcers or something else) I see little point in lungeing. Freeschooling would keep him in shape without constantly working the same (incorrect) muscle groups. So when he's better he won't have to be "untrained" and will go around properly :-)
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spurstop 12-14-2012 10:54 PM

Why not give him some time off until he is feeling better?

I understand having a show horse that you want to keep in work, but if they aren't well, you are not doing the horse any service working him while he's not well.

Your horse may be stepping up underneath himself, but he is on the forehand, and that's how shoes get ripped off. I don't like that he is so far behind the vertical while longeing.

Klassic Superstar 12-14-2012 11:03 PM

Because like stated before he will start breaking fences down and if h keeps feeling out of it when I ride him I'll stop but when he isn't worked he gets loose from his pasture and is harder to come back into work.

He isn't my show horse, I hope to show him in the future but only if we as a team are ready and right now we are far from it.

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