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MissColors 12-14-2012 10:49 PM

Adopting Vs. Buying
Well for some unknown reason I feel obligated to adopt. But because of where I board I have high tinsel. Not by choice but it isn't causing a problem. Well what's one of the first rules to one of the adoption agenceys that I am actually interested in a horse at??? No high tinsel. Well on to the next one, physical inspection of your property before even trying out any horse on our property. random check ups and only if after two years you have the horse and things look ok... we'll take it to the board and if you are declined then no refund for your provided care and the horse comes back. Oh and $100 non refundable application fee. No moving allowed with in 5 years after adopting.

Wtf with the rules. Jeeze. Its like you don't want people to have horses that you put up for adoption. I hate buying also because where I live everything is over priced for what they have or too far for what's worth the money.

Dilemma. Dilemma. I might just dump $40 and hook up some tape fencing to where the high tensile is in my pasture. Not that I should have to to have a **** horse at a place that I board at.

*sigh* horse girl problems.

Note: yes I know high tensile can be dangerous. Half of my pasture is literally the best stuff you can get on the market (1500 ft is $2500) but the rest is high tensile because that's what they had when the farm first became orchestrated.
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countrylove 12-14-2012 11:13 PM

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I work for a rescue and those are some extensive rules. We inspect the property, no barbwire, the potential adopter comes out 3 times to help ensure rider and horse are a good match. We require a signed contract. Breeding is grounds for us to take the horse back with no refund. If you can no longer own the horse for whatever reason the horse comes back to us no refund. Those are the only 2 grounds other than abuse or neglect that we would remove a horse from an adopter. We also offer free help/access to a trainer in the event you come across something you can't handle. We try to up the odds of them staying in a good home. If you move we ask that you let us know where and allow us to check out the new property.
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countrylove 12-14-2012 11:15 PM

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Id look for a new rescue with the goal of finding forever homes rather than having them re-homed every year... JMO
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BBBCrone 12-14-2012 11:24 PM

There's a lot of that kind of thing out there with regard to rescues. There is certainly much worse things for fencing than high tensile that's for sure. IMO of course *shrugs* There's even a rescue fairly close to me that won't let you adopt if you aren't a Parelli follower and know "the games" and stuff.

DraftyAiresMum 12-14-2012 11:25 PM

I can understand where rescue agencies are coming from with all the rules. They get these horses out of deplorable conditions more often than not and they absolutely do not want these horses being put in that kind of situation again.

I know someone who blatantly lied to a rescue to get a horse. She claimed to have more horse experience than she actually did (she had pretty much no horse experience). The rescue approved of our barn but stipulated that only the adopter, the BO and the trainer would work with the horse. She lied to me and my best friend to get our help saddling and riding the horse for the first time. When it finally came out that the horse was unbroke and had been abused, the lady went out and bought a four-year-old greenbroke mare. The BO didn't have an extra stall, so he divided the rescue horse's stall. Keep in mind that the rescue had a minimum stall size requirement, which her original stall was barely acceptable. The rescue horse started cribbing, dropping weight, the lady never cleaned her stall (the BO is very strict that if you aren't paying for him to clean your stall, he won't touch it), and never got the horse any farrier care and never groomed the horse or took care of its hooves (not that she knew how to do either). Incidentally, the rescue had to take back the horse.
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MissColors 12-15-2012 12:41 AM

Yes but I take daily care of my horse. And what if one day I love the mare I adopt so much I might want to breed her once one day. I'm not looking to run a breeding operation. But it should be my choice at some point. I would even be good with that two year period. But the randomly coming on to the farm especially if I'm not there is the part that I have a big problem with.
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boots 12-15-2012 12:54 AM

I would never "adopt." Seems to be an excuse for control freaks to make money off unfortunate horses.

There are plenty of good horses needing good homes.

Wallaby 12-15-2012 01:20 AM

I had an unfortunate experience with a rescue horse this summer that left me, while thankful that there are rescues out there, never wanting to adopt a horse from an organization.
Of course the horses need adopters but seriously, I don't want to encourage the ridiculous one-up-manship-type politics that seem to plague the rescue game.

If you want to "rescue" (very noble, I commend you), I bet you could find a horse that needs an "upgrade" without any rescue-related strings.

I found my Lacey girl through a common friend and I suppose you could (depending on your interpretation of "rescue") say she was rescued in that there was already an appointment for for euthanization scheduled for not even a week after met her which would have happened if I hadn't met her and "clicked" with her (she's a "hot" mare that needs specific handling and she's "old' - not a great combo for selling). She also had some serious training issues and a bunch of mental issues that just needed correct handling to get through.
I don't like to think of her as a rescue since I really feel like she rescued me more than I rescued her. BUT, in terms of an upgrade, 5 more years of life, so far, is pretty good! :lol:

Anyway, bottom line, you don't need to use a rescue to rescue a horse. :)

AlexS 12-15-2012 01:33 AM

Every animal I own comes from a rescue other than my horse, the no rehoming clause makes perfect sense with dogs and cats and I am happy to agree to that.

I would never adopt a horse, never, unless the rules change. Horses change hands, it happens, it's normal. I'd prefer to keep my horse, but I can't promise I can commit to $500 a month boarding and shoeing costs.

I wonder why rescues can't find enough good homes for horses, maybe they could make the clause - the horse ends up with them if care can't be provided. Is this rocket science, I think not.

My opinion, I can go right to the auction myself. I can rescue the horse by outbidding the meat man. I don't deem this as a rescue, you were the highest bidder. So what is a rescue horse? I dunno. Once in the rescue the horse is safe, so adopting isn't rescuing either.

Side note - what is high tensile wire?

countrylove 12-15-2012 01:47 AM

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Originally Posted by MissColors (Post 1800207)
Yes but I take daily care of my horse. And what if one day I love the mare I adopt so much I might want to breed her once one day. I'm not looking to run a breeding operation. But it should be my choice at some point. I would even be good with that two year period. But the randomly coming on to the farm especially if I'm not there is the part that I have a big problem with.
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Given the situation I'm sure we would make the exception. We have actually never taken a horse back either but it is in our contract to protect the horse.
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