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Keeley57 12-16-2012 05:05 PM

Could my mare have back problems after foaling?
Hi.. im wondering if anyone has any input on this my mare had a foal in may she was ridden near enough all the way upto foaling as we didn't know she was Infoal until a couple of weeks before.. She was very lazy and docile she can be spooky but you really had to get after her to move! Even way before she even looked in foal.. Then she had the foal perhaps 2 months after she was ridden by her 8 year old regular rider she spooked and the little girl fell off! She then went absolutely crazy( nothing nasty she was just in a major panic) doesn't help that I don't know her exact age or past history but then she wasn't ridden for a while as she got hypocalcemia in September so I left her to recover.. Then a few weeks ago my friend offered to jump on her so I tacked her up and on she got.. She was fine to be tacked up fine to get on.. She walked round the field a few times whilst I was stood watching.. Then my friend asked me to gt something so I did! ( my mare couldn't see me for 2 mins) came back she was trotting down the field and my friend was on the floor.. She said she started spinning on the spot, my friend kicked her forward she took 2 steps forward did a little bronco then reared.. Then I was considering selling her a girl came to view her and wanted to ride her so I explained what she had done and I again tacked her up with no issue but put her on the lunge line.. She did not put one foot wrong! ( but is that because I was there the whole time?) I'm so confused asks to wether she could have a sore back? But she walks fine lunges fine tacks up fine can bend her neck fully both ways! And was even ridden fine the last time! Or is it because she thinks if I get you off you won't get back on and work me? Or is it purely me? I would get on her I'm abit tall but she's 13.1 and I'm only 8 stone so I wouldn't squash her but after having a baby I'm not as confident as I was before I don't want her to feel my nerves and be scared as she's one of them that takes a lot of confidence from you type! I'm really baffled asks to what to do.. Could her having a foal of hurt her back in anyway? I personally think she had my friend off in excitement that she was doing something but I could be wrong.. Think it's best I get her back checked this week incase she is suffering in anyway what do you think? Thanks in advance
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Merlot 12-16-2012 05:27 PM

OK the first thing I would check out is her diet - Mineral imbalances cause major problems that can affect the nervous system causing a horse to be excessively spooky, stiff movement as the muscles become sore - also leading to bucking, rearing etc. What country do you live in? Is she getting enough SALT? There's a heap more on this at ProvideIt Vitamin Mineral mixes for horses.
Don't be talked into believeing it's a physical problem and spending heaps on physio etc before you have thoroughly investigated her diet. :-)

Keeley57 12-16-2012 05:34 PM

England.. I've had to put her on a special diet to keep her calcium levels up as she got hypocalcemia but I will check on her salt intake thank you! X
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Merlot 12-16-2012 05:43 PM

Keely if she is on fresh green grass she will need around 3 Tablespoons of extra salt in her feed PER DAY to balance out the potassium overload that is in the grass. Of course if the paddock is right by the sea this doesn't count :-)
Sodium/potassium imbalance is one of the biggest causes of BIG problems. Also make sure she is not grazing any clover and that you do not feed her lucerne. (Both very high in postassium and also in phyto-estrogens which will cause hormonal issues and also photodynamic pigments which can lead to problems such as head flicking)
You may be feeding lucerne as it is relatively high in calcium but I would get the calcium from another source.
Anyway that calm healthyhorses site is brilliant and explains all this in much more detail than I can. It certainly saved my horses!
Good luck :-)

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