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LilTuffGirl 12-16-2012 09:15 PM

Skinny horse help
I got my Arab/paint mare Oct 20th (was suppose to be on my birthday which was the 19th but that's just how horse shippers work lol)
I got her feet done first since it had been over a year since they were touched and she had ONE shoe on.... ended up being one made for pavement (she was a buggy horse before she was the man I bought her from horse.. he just used her to pony kids on). That happened a few days after she came to me.
Then the week after that I got the vet out to check her out and tell me about how old she was. (guy I got her from really didn't know anything about horses let alone her. He had her in a pasture with a crap load of sheep.)
Vet said she's about 11 years old and about 100ish pounds under weight but otherwise looks great. He kept saying she had great bones. :-| He told me to just give her plenty of hay and she'll put the weight on. I was the one who told him she probably hasn't been wormed and needed an estimate of what she weighed so I knew how much wormer to give her.

The next day I wormed her and did see worms in her manure afterwards. Thing is I swear I still see them??

I had the farrier out again today and he told me I needed to do a follow up wormer (I've never had a horse that actually had worms before) That I should worm her then wait a week or two and do it again.

Correct? If so which wormer(s) should I use? I did Equimax last time (octoberish)

Also she hasn't gained much at all.. I still see her ribs.. She pretty much has mixed hay 24/7 and random sweet feed type stuff morning and night.

So I need something fast and simple to add to her feed to help gain weight. I'm boarding her and they have different people feeding so it needs to be simple enough for me to label the bag and her stall..
farrier said Calf Manna but others say no she needs more fat than protein (she's lacking muscle which i'm working on very slowly.. I promise she doesn't get over worked!)

This was her a day or so after I got her (notice her feet)

This was a few weeks ago.. In the light you can still see her ribs. Also her hips are too pronounced as well.

Poor thing needs muscle and fat!! I'd like to work on both slowly since I don't want her plump with no muscle but know she can't have the muscle without the fat. So we do a good bit of trotting but never really sweat. She's had her chest slightly sweaty only twice now. We've been working on trotting, flexing, and circles! Haven't trotted in saddle a heck of a lot though. mostly ground work.

CLaPorte432 12-16-2012 09:27 PM

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She probably does still have worms. I would deworm her again 1 week after the first dose, and then again 2-3 weeks after that, then get on a regular deworming schedule.

Getting a fecal test done will specifically tell you what worms she has, and what dewormer to use.

Keep hay infront of her 24/7. A good quality grain that is balanced in vitamins and minerals is going to be better then sweet feed. I dont know how your barn works, if they buy the grain or if you supply your own. But if you supply your own, i would look into changing. Nutrena LifeDesign Senior is an absolutely awesome grain that ive had great success with.

Your vet is correct that she needs lots of hay. She will gain weight, but its best to do it S.L.O.W.L.Y! Too much too soon is never a good thing and it could cause major health complications.

If your going to add anything to her diet for weight gain, Cool Calories is a really good product. Also RiceBran Oil would be good too.
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LilTuffGirl 12-16-2012 09:34 PM

Yea i'm not looking for anything to just pile the weight on.. just something to add. They do have senior feed (never looked to see what kind) and they offered to feed her half a scoop each feeding but I just went with what the vet said.
Barn provides the grain but if I want something else I can have them feed it instead. It'll just be a pain to keep running it over there and board wont be any cheaper if I use mine instead of theirs (which I really don't mind too much considering $300 a month for indoor stall, 3 feedings, and they normally turn her out for me even though they don't normally do that for people)

Any type of wormer I should use?
I thought of fecal but I'm honestly not impressed with the vets around her. The one I used (the barns vet) was very nice and gentle with the horses.. but he's always very busy and hard to get ahold of.

I'm thinking of just doing this round of worming and if things don't change i'll call up his assistants and ask if I can drop some manure off to them to get looked at. As much as I want that smell in my car... maybe i'll take the boyfriends car that day hah...

Delfina 12-16-2012 09:35 PM

Okay, ditch the sweet feed!

Sweet feed is not the nutritional source an underweight horse needs. I'm currently feeding Strategy Healthy Edge to my hard keeper and am very happy with it. Beet pulp is a good addition for weight gain (it needs to be SOAKED). Alfalfa can also help put weight on.

If you are concerned about feed being measured correctly, buy a box of gallon zippy bags and measure out her feed yourself.

A fecal isn't at all smelly, turn a zippy bag inside out and when she poops just pick up a small handful that isn't touching the ground or anything else, then turn the zippy bag back right-side out and seal it. You don't need a Vet to obtain the sample.

LilTuffGirl 12-16-2012 09:54 PM

Ok cool i'll get some Strategy on tues then. You're the second person to recommend that. (i've had so many different answers and none of them were the same, well other than hay which is covered)

Just need to figure out which wormers to get now..

MelissaAnn 12-16-2012 10:07 PM

Beet pulp is good! I hear its good to let it soak for two hours before feeding, so I always refill my bucket immediately after feeding it to him, fill with water until the water light is right above the beet pulp, and let it soak over night. That way its ready for days I am at the barn for less than two hours.

CLaPorte432 12-16-2012 10:14 PM

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^^^ you dont want to soak beet pulp for very long. It ferments. :shock: LOL. Dont want any drunk horses.
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LilTuffGirl 12-16-2012 10:19 PM

Hah my horse is bad enough sober. She likes to kind of do a circle with her head against her stall wall. Like her head is almost touching the wall when she does this. She's a bit odd... Put her in the pasture and when she's done (doesn't take long) she shuffles back and forth at the gate.

Looks like I'll just pick up the Strategy Healthy Edge and some Rice Bran Oil tomorrow since the local store that is normally more expensive is actually cheaper for the grain. Now a gallon of the rice bran oil is like $26... but thankfully it wont take much of that.

I wont be feeding her daily, other will. So I have to keep it somewhat simple. I'm hoping they'll remember to toss the oil into her grain.. I guess I should pick up another bucket so they can mix it in that and toss it into the one in her stall. (they have buckets in milk crates)

MelissaAnn 12-16-2012 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by CLaPorte432 (Post 1802695)
^^^ you dont want to soak beet pulp for very long. It ferments. :shock: LOL. Dont want any drunk horses.
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Soaking it overnight it not enough time for it to ferment, plus if it was spoiled you would smell it and know pretty quickly!

LilTuffGirl 12-16-2012 10:56 PM

Since I used Equimax last time should I use two different wormers this go around? Or just to Equimax again and then strongid? Or maybe both strongid?

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