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kellyyyann06 12-17-2012 10:06 PM

Looking to volunteer with horses in South Jersey
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Hey everyone,

I live in Blackwood NJ, and I've been looking around on Craigslist for a volunteer position working with horses near my area (feeding, grooming, turnouts, etc.). but a majority of them require a lot of barn work and let's just say I haven't fixed many fences in my day lol.. I definitely wouldn't mind learning to do those things as long as someone is willing to spend a little extra time teaching me! (most people want someone who already has that experience). I'm 22, 115 lbs, shy at first but nice and trustworthy! I've loved horses all my life, been to camp a few times and I took lessons over the summer. Still a bit of a beginner though, so I wanna continue taking lessons preferably in exchange for volunteering, if not that's ok too, because I really just want the experience and to be around horses! I would really like to volunteer somewhere that I could hopefully make friends and be around nice sweet people. If anyone knows anyone looking for a volunteer, within preferably a half hour (at the most) from my area, please let me know!

Thanks so much! :)

boots 12-19-2012 08:14 AM

Some barns like to have horse fanatics come in and handle their babies. I know of a couple barns in KY that have former Pony Clubbers, now moms, that do this.

If you are just needing a horsey fix, why not call or visit the places that need help and tell them that. Tell them that you know horses but not fencing or other maintenance, but that you love to be a helper on those projects. You'll probably end up doing horse and non-horse stuff and learn a bunch of things.

I've had people who want to ride tag along with me while I fix fence, or put out salt for cows. They say it's even more fun than just riding to be riding.

A lot of what I do for my horsey fix falls under the heading of maintenance.

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