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AlottaBitCountry 12-18-2012 08:44 AM

I'm not sure if my horse is urinating??
I have a mare and a gelding. I work all day and spend time with the horses for a couple hours in the evening. My mare I see urinating pretty regularly, but it been awhile since I've seen my gelding urinate. I see wet spots on the ground in the morning from my mare but I don't really see any on my geldings side (forgot to mention they are in separate pens) he is pooping I can tell that and see him do so, I'm just wondering if he is urinating regularly. I can't tell if I just haven't seen it in awhile or if he isn't going. He isn't acting weird as far as I can tell though, doesn't seem uncomfortable. The only change in his behavior I have noticed is that when we got the new mare a couple months ago, he likes to lay down in the evening, not flat out just curls up his legs, and he always gets up and goes about his business if I go out there. I think he started that because she likes to do that sometimes, but I don't think it has anything to do medically and it not a colic type of laying down or anything
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poppy1356 12-18-2012 08:52 AM

When was the last time his sheath was cleaned?

AlottaBitCountry 12-18-2012 09:03 AM

I've actually never cleaned it, not only have I never had a gelding before but I was told I should let them be Natural so I don't take their natural oils and bacteria
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poppy1356 12-18-2012 09:06 AM

Ummm well they need their sheath cleaned at least once a year, some need it more. It can lead to serious infection. If you've never done it before I recommend getting the vet out to do it. If he isn't used to it he may need to be sedated a little especially if he has a bean in there.

deserthorsewoman 12-18-2012 09:15 AM

Geldings have different bathroom habits. They usually don't just pee everywhere. A nice soft spot of dirt or the bedding is preferred over just anywhere like mares do. That's due to their different anatomy, i.e. they don't like to get their legs wet.
Getting him checked there at the next vet visit is a good idea, tho. If he has trouble you see him straining and not producing much.
Laying down resting now that the mare is there could mean that he feels more secure now.

AlottaBitCountry 12-18-2012 06:26 PM

I cleaned his sheath when I got home today, surprisingly he stood unhaltered perfectly and didn't make barely a movement! I'm proud of him for letting me get so personsal and trusting me. But dear god, that was by far the SMELLIEST gunk I've ever encountered and the smell was so strong I nearly threw up!
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Casey02 12-18-2012 07:15 PM

Welcome to sheath cleaning, probably the worst smell in the world HAHA

AlottaBitCountry 12-18-2012 07:18 PM

Totally agreed lol I worse a latex glove and even washed up afterwards and I feel like I can still smell it! Not even to mention I've been on the road out if town for almost an hour already too lol
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Casey02 12-18-2012 07:23 PM

Gloves all the way!

secuono 12-18-2012 07:25 PM

My gelding marks like a dog does, I don't see him pee most times unless he is marking.

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