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Kirsti Arndt 09-15-2008 12:29 PM

Monday Monday
streets in western burbs (chicago) are flooded but none in my basement. This was the last weekend to really work out some bugs before the show saturday and i couldnt get to the barn-main road flooded-so will trust Sonny to not be a snot or worse and try to have fun. Will ride every night after work this week but ******** i needed the weekend.
I am going to shine him up with show sheen, braid his mane in a french braid with the tail of it down his neck to show the big arch and huge neck-will braid tail with gel then let it out right before we go in so it is wavy-since it is small time show stuff and i am not going to win anything soooo i am just going to doll him up with flowers and pretties and cover up the fact we know 1/2 what these others know-but we will look good !!!!!!and hopefully learn from it. let me know if i bug you all too much over this-first show and i am really scared!

3neighs 09-15-2008 03:48 PM

Good luck, Kirsti! You're going into it with the right attitude as far as I'm concerned, to just have fun! As for whether you'll place or not, never say never... :wink:

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