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fkonidaris 12-19-2012 10:27 AM

Clinton Anderson's "Tools"
Hey everyone, I joined CA's No Worries Club! I LOVE IT! My only question is, do you HAVE to have Clinton's halter, lead rope, and handy stick/string?

I have a rope halter and a lunge line and a small lunge whip that is the same length as Clinton's, but many people on the forum kept suggesting to get Clinton's stuff. I just wanted to hear your opinions on this as $64.99 is an awful lot of money for a rope halter and lead rope in my opinion.

Also, do you (from experience) find the 14' lead rope to be long enough or do you recommend the 23' long line?

BBBCrone 12-19-2012 11:56 AM


$65 bucks for a rope halter and lead? Holy expensive batman!

No way .. I wouldn't spend that, don't care who's name is on it. I love good equipment and often it doesn't come cheap. But to me, there's a difference between buying good quality tack and just getting crazy about it.

Then too .. I know nothing about this No Worries club either so *shrugs*

usandpets 12-19-2012 01:05 PM

No you don't need to buy "brand name" items. Yes, some cheaper brand may not be the best quality but they are cheaper because you're not paying for having his name on it.

Just like buying tools, you could pay more for Snap-on tools or you could pay less for Craftsman. Similar quality but big difference in price because of the Snap-on name.

Just use what you have or get what you need at a local tack store.
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fkonidaris 12-19-2012 01:13 PM

Thank you usandpets! I was about ready to let the shopaholic side of me be in control again and go nuts buying everything all over I didn't know if there was much difference between his "tools" and everyone else's "tools".

tinyliny 12-19-2012 01:21 PM

I was going to say no, but in all honesty, 65$ for a rope halter and a good quality lead is actually a fair, if not good, price. a long rope lead of the kind that is used (the very heavy kind, and 15 ft) is very expensive. A good rope halter, somewaht stiff with metal coverings on the ends to stop fraying, will cost about 35$ here, just by itself. the lead would be about 50$ on it's own, around here. So, from my perspective, the cost is not the issue.

If you have a good quality rope halter and lead, use the one you have.

the "handy" stick , I don't know. I just prefere a dressage whip, and the lower teh quality the better, for this use.

fkonidaris 12-19-2012 01:37 PM

Well, it's actually $89.99, but for NWC members it's $65.99. I've just never spent that much on a halter or lead I think my rope halter was $8.99 and my lead rope was $14.99.

joseeandjade11 12-19-2012 01:51 PM

I just use a regular rope halter that i bought for like 10$, recently bought a 14' lead for 14.99 and waiting on a 4'' clinician stick at 14.99. I can't afford Clinton Anderson's stuff so i just buy anything similar for cheaper and it does the trick ;) Hope that helps

tinyliny 12-19-2012 01:52 PM

Well, the rope halter you have,. as long as it's strong and fits , is fine. If the lead you bought is the typical one that I see so much, it will not do for training purposes. Maybe just get the CA lead.

I prefer a lead without a metal snap on the end (clonks the horse under the jaw during some training moves) but I dont' know what CA wants. I am NOT a CA follower.

tinyliny 12-19-2012 01:53 PM

this lead rope is really nice. a good quality lead rope is a joy to have in the hand.

Lead Ropes & Longe Lines ~ Training ~ Leading ~ Lead Rope

usandpets 12-19-2012 01:55 PM

I forgot to comment on your question of length. It's what you prefer. I don't care for the shorter 8' ropes at the tack stores. Those are good for tying and leading. I like a 12' rope to work with the horse. Anything longer seems to get tangled up or around my feet.
I hate using our lunge line. I spend more time messing with the line than working the horse. However, I like having the horse close to me when working. Close so I can be accurate where I apply pressure and have control. I don't do much loping/cantering on the line. But like I said, it'll depend on what you prefer.
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