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Liligirl 12-23-2012 02:46 PM

Possible sore neck?
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I took on a horse a week ago and over the week I have had a few problems with him.

Link to first post which explains.

Yesterday I made a start on his groundwork. On the lunge line he was fine at the walk, however in the trot he seemed to show lameness in the front going both ways. Then after trotting him to warm up (lameness countined) when asked to go into a canter he almost feel over from it. It appeared to me that he had no softness in him especially through the neck.

So if we put this all together we have a horse who:

Has a resistance to contact and softening
Lack of forward impulsion
Also possible his rearing could be from pain??
The lameness at anything faster than a walk.

I do have a chiropractor booked into see him on Thursday, but I was wondering if there would be anything else that would cause this?

I also should add that over the week he seems to have a very sweet willing nature. Which makes his moments of rearing/refusing seem more concerning.

Thanks in advance :-)

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