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canadiancowgirl7 12-26-2012 12:03 PM

My little college horsey adventure :)
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I haven't been on this forum in FOREVER, but looking to share my little fun a few friends and I had in the last year. A couple of my friends and I (with the persuasion of an active driver in the maritime harness horse association) bought our Standardbred gelding last March. I myself, HATED standie's my whole life, and little did I know how much of a BLAST harness racing could be!! Our special boy's name was Captain Hook, his name gets better, he had ONE eye!! He was a local legend here in Nova Scotia, everybody knew him and everybody loved him :) I learned so much about racing that I would've never dreamed of giving a chance, and I have had sooooooo much fun this past summer. Anyways, my buddies and I purchased Hooker in march, got him in shape, and qualified him in March at the Truro Raceway (home of Somebeachsomewhere :) ) He finished second in his qualifying race and finished in 2.01. After that we raced him (almost) every sunday and we did quite well for his class :) He was one of the top horses for money made in the 2,000 claimers. We knew we didn't have to worry about anybody coming in and claiming him because our story went around the maritimes, we were just a bunch of college kids wanting to have fun and everybody knew that, so we were able to race him in the claimers without worry of him getting claimed on us (although we wouldn't have minded too much as we would have $2,000 to invest in a younger - faster horse :), anyway, we raced him until mid October, but unfortunately he started developing problems in his hocks, so the vet deemed him no longer sound to race, however he was sound enough to be a saddle horse, so I broke him to saddle and would trot him around the barns at the track, where the boys noticed he was trotting around sound as ever, so, we had him vet checked again, and he was sound, for riding, and could race a little, so all week I trained him undersaddle, trotting him around and such, and we threw him in the bike race day and he raced FANTASTIC for 3 or 4 more races, until late October, he raced twice in one day, finishing 2nd in his first race of the day, and 1st in his last race, he wasn't sound in his second race we noticed, but he raced his heart out and we figured that was a great way to end his career, with an unbelieveable win, so we kept him a couple more weeks so I could keep riding him lightly, until we sold him as a trail horse (he was vet checked and sound enough for that, his hocks just couldn't handle the pressure of racing anymore). If this was even a year and a half ago, I would've never thought I would develop such a connection with a standardbred, but selling Hooker was the hardest thing i've done in a long time, the guy my roommate and I owned him with couldn't even tell us he was leaving because he knew we would take it too hard. I miss him so much, he was truly one of a kind, and I wish to God I would've gotten to say Good-bye, and thanks for such great memories buddy <3

Here are some pictures of our fun with my baby boy - the third last picture is him warming up for his last race ever, and the last picture is him about to pass the horse in the inside to win his last race :) (I was suppose to drive him that day, as it was just a fun day, but unfortunately I had to work 2 hours away, so I couldn't be there :( Enjoy! PS - he is the horse in the pink gear ;) That's what the boy gets for owning a horse with a couple of girls ;) hahaha

nickers103 12-26-2012 12:33 PM

What incredible heart and spirit he has!

canadiancowgirl7 12-26-2012 12:58 PM


Originally Posted by nickers103 (Post 1814569)
What incredible heart and spirit he has!

Thank you! He has more heart and personality than any horse I have ever met! He put his all into every jog, training session, workout, race, warmup. He is truly one of a kind, his new owners just love him to death :D

Cacowgirl 12-26-2012 01:53 PM

What a pretty horse. I just love his diamond. Glad he got a great home.

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