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blue eyed pony 12-27-2012 06:24 AM

sigh... boys. [geldings I mean!]
My gelding's gone and got himself kicked, and is lame. He's fine, no real damage, just bruising and a big scrape on his shoulder and some edema from that, which has migrated to his chest.

Just kind of frustrated because he brought it on himself, being a bully in the pasture, and was never like this when we only had geldings.

He is lovely with the two fillies, total gentleman loves everyone type horse. He was the same when we only had geldings. But since we've had mares, he's been a real bully towards other geldings. He is a funny old dork, totally gelding-y when he has only male or only female company but as soon as you throw a second gelding into the mix he turns into "the stallion" and has to beat up the other gelding. He was ok with Mum's old gelding who was very effeminate [seriously... mare squeals, moodiness, the works] but over a year ago that gelding was put to sleep, and the moment we brought in a more geldingy gelding [not ours] Monty turned into a bully - and got a bit studdish with the mares.

He got used to that gelding, but that gelding wasn't ours, and recently left. Now Mum's got a new boy, a Thoroughbred, on lease for two years while her filly matures, and Monty has decided he HATES him. They're ok with a fence between them, Monty just makes faces, but the moment they're in together it's game on.

Monty had it coming when the new gelding kicked him [I mean you should see the bite marks on poor Ben], but still... ugh. BOYS.

Be much easier if we could keep them all in the one pasture together [for water, and for pasture rotation], but Mum's basically put her foot down and said that we can't try different ways of introducing them because it's just not worth it. Fair enough. Meanwhile I live in hope that Monty will eventually get over it because, while he has company, with only one horse in with him he can get a little bit buddy sour. In a larger herd he's fine. I can handle him and his buddy sour antics no problem [bareback in just a flat nylon halter!] but it's irritating.

Stupid boys. Our mares get along much better, never a hitch there! Of course one is a dominant witch and the other submissive and a little timid, so the dominant witch just has to lay her ears back and the timid submissive one gets out the way... but the mares let it go, Monty just hangs on to the "hate" and will chase and beat Ben to the point where Mum [in all her 25+ years of experience] separates the boys. Monty's already proven several times over that he does hold grudges and he does get jealous... but I pay absolutely no attention to Ben, and his jealousy is usually directed at whichever horse is getting too much of "his" human's time...

hellothere 12-28-2012 11:26 AM

I'm sorry that happened! My girl is 24/7 turnout as well, and I know she used to be most dominant... I'm not completely sure where she is now because they added some new horses into her field. ONE OF WHICH IS AT LEAST 2 HANDS TALLER THAN HER. He's very large. :D

But yeah, sometimes those things take time, adjustments, trial and error. I hope it all works out for the best. Horses will be horses, they like to roll in the mud and have some fun :)

blue eyed pony 12-28-2012 11:33 AM

Boys will be boys more like - my filly has injured herself and that was very much a "horse" thing not a "mare" thing [but she's nearly healed now, and I'm breaking her late Feb/early March when she's had enough time for the laceration to her tendon to properly heal] but NONE of the mares we have had have EVER been injured because they brought it on themselves and got themselves booted in the shoulder.

Doofus is still a teeny bit lame and still has a big edema/hematoma on his chest, plus the skin/hair that Ben's hoof took off his shoulder, but he's still the one that came out of the encounter better off. Ben's not lame but he has a ton of nasty bite marks on his side and rump.

Trouble4yaPaint 01-03-2013 10:40 PM

i prefer geldings and mine are always getting theirselves into trouble. Scooter was running in the pasture the other day and he ran straight into the barn!! He is such a goof lol

blue eyed pony 01-03-2013 11:36 PM

Far out, I just realized how many days have passed and he's still not right. Whoops - should have been counting.

Time for a dose of bute in his dinner I think. I don't like to bute right away unless it's something I know is really painful but if I can bring down the inflammation maybe he'll heal a bit faster.

Edit; I don't really have a preference re mares/geldings, we have one very marish filly [she is a witch] but good handling from the very start has kept her respectful. The other filly isn't marish at all. My gelding thinks he's a stud when he's around mares [totally fine in geldings-only company, put a mare in the mix as well and suddenly he's out to murder the other gelding/s] and Mum's gelding is a great big wimp.

Sharpie 01-03-2013 11:42 PM

My gelding's a low man on the totem pole, but he pesters all the other horses like the worst kid brother on TV. He's always coming in with new bites or kick marks, and I've seen him bring it on himself time and again essentially doing the "I'm not touching you" thing until the horse he's pestering turns around and lets him have it. Geldings. AND THEN he goes back for more!

blue eyed pony 01-03-2013 11:46 PM

LOL... yep after having had several geldings I can say unequivocally that mares are more intelligent socially! I have never seen blatant stupidity like that in a mare. They also tend to have more "try" than a gelding. Just in my own experience of course. A mare will put more effort in, a gelding will put in the absolute minimum required and no more.

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