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AlottaBitCountry 12-27-2012 06:07 PM

my horses get CRAZY in the snow..(help!)
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So today when I got home from work, my horses were seriously having a hay day in the snow. I opened up the pasture for them, and they just went wild. First of all, Its one thing when they go running off bucking and all that, but sometimes its like my gelding wants to play with me (this is going to be my question) and he starts over stepping boundaries. Ive had him less than a year, and we get along great. Hes always very friendly, and knows who I am and that I wont hurt him or anything, and I can be really close to him If i want and it doesnt bother him a bit.

But today, in the excitement of the snow, i think he wanted to play with me? He was really crazy running and bucking around, they would start following me throwing his head and kicking up his front feet some, not enough to be a rear but deffinately trying to reach up with his front hooves. I wasnt doing anything out of the normal, usually i will stand in the pasture and watch him play or have the whip out or flag my arms and he likes to run around more and such. be i actually had to like turn around and nearly run away, because he wouldnt back away, i even flagged my arms to get him to go another direction and he just kept like prancing behind me flipping his head around and like jumping around. I had to make an escape out of the pen, because like i said its snowy and i cant exactly get out of the way as quickly or easily. He just really was way to close, one time he really did get pretty high in the air rearing up. probably within like 4 feet of me, maybe 5. i went back in the pen when he was done being a nut case, or so i thought, and then he started running around playing crazy again and would run towards me and start kicking up his front feet again. that time i stood behind a tree, until he ran off playing then i came out and stayed out. He didnt look mad, or scared. his eyes were still soft and all black, so i dont exactly think he was like trying to attack me or something, but thats what im wondering, is he just excited and wanting to play or is he being an *******?.... what is your opinion?

also, we have one other horse but shes only been here a couple months, so usually its just him and I, and they other horse is never in the same pen as him. and I usually try to do alot of ground play with him, i had a serious injury in august and havent got on him since then (he needs a refresher course on how to behave with a rider)

PaintHorseMares 12-27-2012 06:14 PM

He's just excited and feeling good. Our mares go nuts like that whenever there is a big weather change coming, and I just get out of the pasture until they settle down. There's no reason to take a chance getting hurt.
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blue eyed pony 12-27-2012 06:16 PM

Your horse does not respect you. By getting out of his way you reinforced that he does not need to.

Next time, you want to take a whip in with you, and you want to USE IT if he gets too close. Not some short little riding crop, those are useless. I use either a dressage whip [on a horse I know won't kick me] or a lunge whip. But my most preferred weapon is a bucket because I can toss it and it will make a lovely loud noise without hurting my horse.

Playing around in the snow/rain/cold is not unusual, but you are describing behaviour which you find intimidating, and it therefore is not acceptable. You must teach your horse this, or it will continue and escalate. My two are allowed to play and dick around as much as they like as long as they stay OUT of my personal space. The moment they come too close and I have not invited them in, there are consequences.

Prairie Rose 12-27-2012 06:30 PM

He would have gotten a dose of stay out of my space from me.

Play and act silly, horse. That's great. But NEVER near me.

AlottaBitCountry 12-27-2012 06:38 PM

yeah, i tried to tell him like back off and basically go play elsewhere, flagging my arms and such but he really wasnt budging this time, normally he will just play around but doesnt come that close to me by any means. but today, for some reason, i think it was the snow excited him, but he just really wasnt getting out of my space. nor did i have anything to really make him because hes usually never a problem, basically it is not a regular occurance and he really wasnt paying attention to my "get away" signals. even if i had something, i felt like he was just to overwhelmed and not paying attention and i would he just had hooves to the face type thing.

like i said, he never gets this close to me and usually i can just flag him off but today he just was way to close and wasnt really reacting to my signals that he was to close. Even if i had something to wave at him or throw around, i think he was just in his playing "zone" and wouldnt have noticed or caught the hint really, atleast not without me getting hurt this time around.

Prairie Rose 12-27-2012 06:48 PM

Watch herself careful, kiddo, from this moment forward.

In my world, any time I am with my horse, no matter what the weather or surroundings, he and she will be respectful.

AlottaBitCountry 12-28-2012 10:11 AM

round two today went MUCH better. did take my whip with me just incase, but he did really good. we walked a whole new pasture together, well he usually only goes about 200 feet in and comes back, but he went right along with me across the whole area about a mile long and back, stayed a good 50 feet away from me the whole time he was playing around. and hes so funny, he would get about 100 feet ahead and stop and wait like "are you coming!" and we slinkied like this the whole pasture and back, until the end when he just dead sprinted back. so, it was a good day today im glad he was respectful. yeseterday he must have just been really wound up, not that its an excuse for him to act the way he did but today was much much better. i love my baby boy!

eliduc 12-28-2012 01:11 PM

Time to go in with the longe whip They are just playing but it doesn't make it any less dangerous. Both of our horses have threatened me in the past few days when I have gone in to feed. I think they have cabin fever. I haven't turned them out in the arena because I don't want them tearing around on the ice and the arena melts off faster when it isn't full of divots. Anyway, you have to demand respect from them no matter what. I did longe both of ours in 16 inch deep snow yesterday. One was kind of a handful, the other one was fine. It didn't take long to take the edge off of them and I got as much exercise as they did or at least it seemed like it.

AlottaBitCountry 12-28-2012 01:18 PM

Yeah I brought my lunge whip today out there with him, usually most of what I do with him anyways is halterless. But yea he was much better today, wanting to play and to go with me but he didn't invade my space this time around. He wasn't as excite as yesterday though anyway, though he was energetic. He behaved:)
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AlottaBitCountry 12-28-2012 01:19 PM

Oh and my horses are always in open pasture at my house, so they get to roam all day anyways. They usually stay in their small area though, but branch out when they want to play or run around
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