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averylilly 12-27-2012 11:42 PM

Just a wee bit barn sour..... my TB has became pretty barn sour.He never was but it started after i could not work him or ride (broke my arm) and he was not work at all for about 4/5 weeks.So now that i can work him he is makeing it very clear he dose not want to work.So when i lung him he throws fits.When he walk's by the gate.He bucks,rears,trys draging me ect ect. Well we "talked" about being naughty a couple time. And about 15/20 mins later he will stop.And He trot in a full Circle like nothing every happend.So i let him walk as a reward.He was always pretty lazy and would try to go to the gate but a little kick or a small tug on the reins and he would just walk on.He also tries to walk very very very slow to the barn thinking that is gonna help him lol.I have tried talking him in the arena to just walk around or to just brush him off but he still wants nothing to do with it.He is sound and healthy.I have never had a barn sour horse so i have no clue how to "fix" it.


Deschutes 12-28-2012 01:19 AM

Sorry to hear about your arm, glad its healed.

From what it seems like, during that time he has not only gotten barn or herd sour but also lost respect for you. He wants to go where he wants, and in his eyes, this subordinate is getting in his way so what does he do? He reacts to it the way he is.

I would get back to basics and actually get this horse to respect me. When he looks away or shows signs of disrespect, I would yank that head back over to have both eyes on me. His focus should be on me. Not "there".

I would do lunging for respect. Every time he looks outside, I would tug the lead rope and get that head in. Every time it goes out, you are inviting him to bolt away.

Others could give more tips than I as I have not had to terribly deal with this situation.

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