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AnalisaParalyzer 12-29-2012 09:04 AM

Gator Stew. step by step.
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We recently received about six lbs of gator form a friend who can afford legal tags xD so he gave us some thigh and some tail. i took the thigh and did the only thing i feel its really good for, and thats stew. so! since i've never done this before, and i'm kind flying by the seat of my pants, i figured i'd put it here!

I started it last night, but i will explain how its gotten to this point.

i took the thawed meat, and because thigh is thicker and more fibrous than tail, its often tougher. so we boil it. throw in some garlic, salt, onion, and a little powdered chicken or beef bullion. set to boil on low. i left mine overnight. put it on about 8, tasted it around 730 am. it was a little like an earthier chicken broth. heavier, but thats what a stew is supposed to be :)

This afternoon, i will be adding potatoes, carrots, and celery. tomorrow morning, i will add peas, and corn. heres what it looks like this morning :)

Foxhunter 12-29-2012 01:36 PM

First catch your 'gator!

Fat chance in the UK.

On the other hand with all the rain we are getting they would survive here.

AnalisaParalyzer 12-29-2012 01:44 PM

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lol, i could ship one to ya if ya want! we get em in our yards, in our golf course lakes, in our pools, in our garages, i know a lady who ended up with one in her paddock just strolling along. were alex and i used to live we'd pick up the little 4 footers that wandered to close to the chicken coop and eat those, and we always had to be careful on trails that we didnt stumble onto a nest.

dbarabians 12-30-2012 08:55 AM

OK now your telling me that people truly eat a big lizard. Now can you explain why would anyone want to. I will pass on this as well as any rattlesnake I am offered. Shalom

SouthernTrails 12-30-2012 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by dbarabians (Post 1820411)
OK now your telling me that people truly eat a big lizard. Now can you explain why would anyone want to. I will pass on this as well as any rattlesnake I am offered. Shalom

No snakes for me either, but gator is not bad.

Ever have Turtle or Squirrel? It all tastes like Chicken :-)

I used to raise Emu, it is great also.


dbarabians 12-30-2012 09:36 AM

OK STG I will take your word for it.
thankfully everything you mentioned is restricted due to my religion.
Except maybe EMU.
If someone puts a drumstick on my plate that large I aint eatin it. Shalom

Foxhunter 12-30-2012 12:40 PM

I had a taste of rattler - tasted very similar to chicken!

I will try most things once.

I dislike squid and octopus because of the texture, might just as well be eating a chunk of rubber.

About the only thing I do not eat is anything with chilli, it is way to hot for me and I end up with a mouthful of ulcers.

texasgal 12-30-2012 12:41 PM

Love me some GATOR!! yum.

countrylove 12-30-2012 01:47 PM

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Not a gator fan ( I think it tastes fishy) but had python once and it was delicious :)
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WSArabians 12-30-2012 02:24 PM

Well, I have no religion restrictions (or religion for that matter) but alligators? Turtles? Squirrels? Snakes?
I watched this show once where people deep fried whole tarantula's... Seem's so freaking weird to me but I guess it's like eating cow to them.
I'll stick to my beef and chicken. I've never been a brave eater. Haven't even tried fish, shrimp, or seafood. LOL

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