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jackandraven 12-29-2012 02:02 PM

Im driving one of my shettie at the moment and in march im going to start breaking in my other shetland. Do i Need to buy another harness or can i drive them both in 2 single harnesses on a double cart. Also does anyone know anyone in the uk that sells the quite cheep.
Thanks xxx

michaelvanessa 12-29-2012 07:09 PM

driveing a pair tandem
if you want to drive a pair you will need a team harness it is a little bit different to a single as the pairs collars are attached to the pole and the traces are connected by rolerbolts to the team bar unless your cart has 2 swingle trees zilco will probley be your cheepest harness bet as you can get a pair set.
as a tandem set i got a set made up and followed sally worlrounds blue prints and had made a tandem leader in patent leather.
the differents is the leader has a trace carrier on the pad and on the breeching and long traces with cockeyes and on the wheeler whos in the shafts has cockeyes or tandem spoons to couple the pair togeather i have pictures in my albums and if you need any imfomation ill be glad to help.
also check out ponyandcarrageltd thay could help.

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