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ARTEMISBLOSSOM 12-30-2012 03:13 PM

Hi I need a quick answer to an Arthritis Question Please
I am going to see a horse in about 2 hours that the owner has to get rid of by tomorrow. She has no place to keep him at all. Not sure of the whole story but apparently the family is losing their foster children as well as their home and horses. Anyway this is a 12 yr old registered quarter horse that is said to have no vies and be a good trail horse. The lady said that he had the beginnings of arthritis in his butt area but that the vet told her with reguilar exercise he would be fine. She is willing to take basically any offer for the horse because it really has to be gone immediately. My question is if this horse checks out otherwise how serious is the beginnings of arthritis and would it be manageable? Being that it is Sunday I really dont want to bother my vet and for a horse that I am going to offer hundred dollars for its not really worth it to get him to come and do a ppe on a Sunday afternoon. The horse will be used for light ttrail riding.

deserthorsewoman 12-30-2012 03:19 PM

Bless you for helping this guy out....hopefully.
Constant movement is critical, 24/7 out being best.
There are tons of joint supplements available, I use the Dumor brand from TSC on my creaky, stiff as a rock mare, and it helps, she's a lot more supple now.
For light trail riding he's fine, can go for years, provided he has the above mentioned.

Dustbunny 12-30-2012 03:24 PM

12 isn't very old. I'd make sure he moves out okay and that you can pick up and move those back legs. A good joint supplement might help. I guess it just depends on how much risk you want to take. Is he going to have a light-weight rider?
Lots to consider...poor horse sounds like he is not in a good situation. People either.

ARTEMISBLOSSOM 12-30-2012 03:25 PM

oh thank you for your quick response. That makes me feel better to know it can be manageable. I am on my way out the door to check him out now. I will update when I get back

walkinthewalk 12-30-2012 03:33 PM

Thankfully the Owners are trying to be honest BUT:

"the beginnings of arthritis in the butt area signals some sort previous injury to me.

My 26+ Arab was seven when I rescued him starving; he also came with an injured vertebra. Injured to the point where I would not be able to use him for the type of trail riding I did back then.

So he became a wonderful lesson horse for children under 12 and 100 pounds. He also turned out to be the best injured or sick horse nurse maid anyone could ask for.

My 17 yo TWH has a fractured sacrum from the day he decided to catapult himself backward off my 4- horse trailer.

Both horses see a chiropractor regularly and are on chondroitin/MSM.

Hopefully you can at least see the papers on this horse to see if it's Impressive-Bred and therefore might also carry the HYPP gene. That would really compound your rescue effort:?

Much to think about and the answer from my perspective is "yes, I guess not". In other words, if you've got plenty of horse experience and savvy, go with your gut when you look at the horse.

Best of luck on the outcome:D

jaydee 12-30-2012 03:43 PM

I'm afraid I would say no to this one. Maybe as a freebie but without a vet check and not knowing if it was on pain meds - too big a risk as once its yours the cost of it is yours and if it proves unrideable (never take the word of someone who's in such a big rush to get rid) then the cost of what happens next is also yours - unless you can use it as a companion
There are loads of healthy sound horses also looking for homes to save them from slaughter so why take on a problem

Ray MacDonald 12-30-2012 04:04 PM

Can't wait to see the outcome :)

walkinthewalk 12-30-2012 08:24 PM

And the outcome was?????:wave:

ARTEMISBLOSSOM 12-30-2012 09:51 PM

ok I just got back home. The story was not exactly as the owner told me. (Its a long story) It seems that the owner was heavily fined in September for not taking care of the horses, they were starving and getting on the road all the time. This has been the third time the authorities were called about the condition of the animals and they were ordered to sell or board them someplace other than at home so they would be properly cared for.The other horses were sold but the daughter wanted to keep this one so he has been boarded at a previous owners place since September. The lady that owned him previously had a falling out with the present owner and told her that she had to take the horse by Tuesday Morning or she was going to tie it to the owners front porch. She told me that the woman was not allowed to have horses on her property any more so that is why it had to be sold by Tuesday Morning. (apparently the owner had no been out to see the horse and had not paid any board) I asked about the possible arthritis and she told me which vet had looked at the horse when the auhoritites were called in September. It happened to be my regular vet so I called him at home to ask about the issue with the horse. He said the horse didnt have arthritis but was severly under weight when he saw him. When he went to check on the horses a teenager was trying to make the horse jump 3 ft high obsticles in the round pen. The horse was very thin and he told her that the horse was in too poor a condition to be ridden like that and forcing the horse to jump so high. He said he told her it could cause all sorts of problems including damage to his back and legs and arthritis later in life. I guess this is where the possible arthritis issu comes from. I trust my vet and he wouldn't have any reason to lie to me about this horse. Anyway the gelding is a small but stocky Appendix quarter horse about 14. 2 hh I didnt measure him. He seemed very calm and gentle and after not being ridden since september i was able to ride him away from the herd with no issues at all. He really didnt like the bit they had for him a nasty rusty tom thumb with long shanks and it was a little too small for him so it was pinching him a little. He was tossing his head badly when any pressure was put on the reins so I basically rode with just my legs and he was very responsive. He sure didn't seem stiff or lame and moved forward willing at all gaits. I also free lunged him and he did well, he knows voice commands. After I got off him I picked up all 4 feet and held the back feet up high for a couple minutes and then got my friend to trot him off. He didn't show any signs of stiffness. I dont really like the angle of his hoofs but they need a good trim, and I am not thrilled with some of his comformation but all in all he seemed like a calm quiet little horse not too badly built that moved willingly. I took a gamble on him and called the owner and said I didnt really want him but I would take him off her hands for 100$ she accepted but was not happy about giving up the papers. I told her that I needed his papers and a bill of sale or there was no deal. She finally agreed and I drove to her place and bought the little guy. The lady where he is boarded agreed to keep him for me until the weekend so I can get set up for another horse. He has gained a significant amount of weight in her care and seems healthy. I am going to have the farrier out next week and also need to schedual my vet to come and check his teeth in case the head tossing has something to do with a sore mouth. He is not my dream horse but he seems to be a nice little horse. He is 11 yrs old and has what I am told are fairly good blood lines (I know nothing about quarter horse or Thouroughbred blood lines). I didn't get any pictures of him but I do have a few that were in the for sale ad. I will try and post those. My plans for him are to fatten him up figure out what is causing the head tossing, trail ride with him this summer and possibly sell him and put the money towards my dream horse (If I ever find him).

ARTEMISBLOSSOM 12-30-2012 10:00 PM

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ok here are the ad pictures of my little 100$ horse. I am going to name him Music because I got him for a song lol lol

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