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Icrazyaboutu 12-30-2012 07:37 PM

Rain+Dirt+Dozer=Sad Megan
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I haven't posted pics on here in FOREVER! But I have been somewhat silently stalking the forum :)
Anyways, here's a little update on Doz followed by pictures of the big guy!
Ever since his buddy Bart died in June, he has been pretty horrible to ride out of the yard. So we're just working on trying to make him be able to think straight again. I'm not sure if horses can actually get depressed(yes?no?) but he sure acts like it sometimes!
Two days ago he had me pretty worried! He was walking around with his head super low, barely moving unless he felt the need to walk a circle to 'scare off' my dad's horse. So I went into 'gotta check EVERYTHING' mode. He wasn't dehydrated, I could hear his tummy grumbling, he was eating, no snot, bumps, or gashes. So he checked out physically. But I was still worried so I checked him a few times that night only to see him in practically the same state.
The next day he was perkier. He still wasn't lifting his head up past his withers and he was still dragging his feet when he walked, but he was more with it.
And today he is completely back to normal. It was so strange.
On a different note, aside from that, nothing note-worthy has been happening. He got a groomed on Christmas(my dad said he was acting embarassed because of his braids the night I was worrying about him).
Anyways, on to pictures!
I'm putting a picture of him mostly clean during summertime first and then the rest will all be from half an hour ago when I went up to see him.
I hate the rain. And the mud it makes(the last pic is of his stall)
Oh and I blanket him when it rains, so it definitely helps cut down on the muddiness!

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