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Bluebird 12-31-2012 06:30 PM

Why do Clydesdales have 'cow hocks'?
Hi Guys,
there has been much discussion about 'Cow Hocks' in Clydesdales. The term 'Cow Hocks' is often used very generically to describe 'close behind'. This is a desirable trait in Clydesdales and I did ask the Clydesdale Horse Society after a few discussions on the forum. Now I am not saying this is the absolute reason for the desirable 'close behind (cow hocks) in Clydesdales but it was suggested that it makes for better ploughing in that the horses hind legs step into the furrows without breaking up the lines. I thought Hmmmm...makes some sense. I then discovered this video and it basically backs up what I was told. Have a look.

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