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silver spurs 09-19-2008 04:55 PM

American Quarter Horse Congress
So is anyone else going to congress this year? im going to watch the reining and pbr!! Im excited i really wanted to ride in it but i sold my horse too soon.
I was just wondering if anyone here was showing in it, or attending it...

farmpony84 09-20-2008 02:14 PM

I'm going. I'm not sure when, I think reigning will be going on because we want to go to the auction. My trainer and some freinds are going. I can't wait to see puppy alley. It will be a miracle if I make it home w/out a new corgi. I'm going to bring a golf cart down and ride around w/ a for sale sign on it... Are you renting a golf cart?

silver spurs 09-21-2008 03:10 PM

nawh we are only going for a couple days,i would love to rent one but we will live just walking. im excited to go to pbr and see justin mcbride ride!

farmpony84 09-21-2008 04:39 PM

I'm just plain excited to go. I actually got a billet in the mail with a registration form... just for kicks I added up what it would have cost me to go into just one class (the 2 year old western pleasure) it would have been like 1700 I think and that was BEFORE the hotel. I havent gotten hotel reservations yet. We have to decide on the date first. I think the 3rd week in Oct? I'm just going for a long weekend.

silver spurs 09-21-2008 10:05 PM

yeah its not cheap, but then again nothing in the horse world is haha. I just go crazy when i look at the horses and the nice saddles and clothes. I realize how poor i am haha. Someday....

farmpony84 09-22-2008 09:32 AM

I'm gonna go down and DREAM about being a congress competitor!

Angel_Leaguer 09-22-2008 11:36 AM

I hope you guys have fun!!! I want to make it there someday to watch and then dream about showing.... local/State level shows for now :cry: lol...Have fun!!!!!

cjessy 09-22-2008 03:15 PM

I am going to Congress here in Columbus, only to buy a lot of things I may or may not need :wink:

PG'sGal4ever 09-26-2008 03:33 PM

Id love to go for the Hole time, its like 3 weeks or so? My freind shows down there so im sure she'd like the support. We'd probally bring our trailer down and camp in one of the local campgrounds .

My mom is probally the only person in the world that could walk down puppy alley and not get one, however Id probally buy a few there so cute lol :)

Mcfrumple 09-26-2008 05:58 PM

I'm going the weekend of the 10th! :D

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