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MRich92 01-05-2013 10:58 AM

Boot/Wrap Suggestions
Ok so I know ask five people get five answers buuuut-
I have a 12 year old barrel mare; been running, sliding, stopping, checking cows all her life tossed between owners and not really well looked after until her previous owner and myself. I use her for trails, she's my decompression horse when my show horse goes on strike and I just want to "ride" I'd that makes sense. Most importantly though is I run her on barrels and poles.

She was a solid 1D horse for years and while I'd like to run her like that, it's more of a hobby than a focus for me.

The people who had her before me ran her with nothing on. Both my horses live in overreach boots for safety because sometimes they can be just a tad frisky.

I has bought a set of smb III's to run her in, but she hates them. We had them fitted and such by our local store to make sure we got the proper size and she hates them on her back legs. She doesn't flex as well in them and doesn't like to move out as much and will grind her teeth and pin her ears. Now a few months back she damaged a tendon kicking the fence at another horse and I just don't feel comfortable running her without any protection. I use pools when we just do light riding but Io wouldn't want to run her in them.

Oh when I say damaged it wasn't really damaged it was just inflamed and she needed a moth of rest and bute and is back to a normal workout routine now

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!
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27cfmd 01-05-2013 04:04 PM

I use boots on the front and polos on the back. They may not be as protective, but it just gives me peace of mind that there is something there. If you are worried about them coming undone during a run you could tape around the velcro. My old horse would run in back boots but she would not sit and turn and if she did she would get stuck, they were too bulky for her. So when I made the switch to polo wraps she started turning better. That has been my experience that they are too bulky, but I still use them from time to time.

MRich92 01-05-2013 04:11 PM

Yeah I love smbs I use them on my horse who's almost always in them except for light work and jumping so he can feel when he knocks a rail.

I always tape my polos as just good practice, but I still feel like she needs a little more.
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beau159 01-05-2013 04:13 PM

How long have you left the boots on for her to "get used" to them? Have you worked her for a good hour in them to really give her a long chance to get used to them?

Have you done any desensitizing work with her, especially the back legs? This could help.

And completely silly question, but make sure you have the left boot on the left leg, and the right boot on the right leg. I've seen people at shows walking around with the wrong boots on the wrong legs, so that's why I mention it!

Does she have any residual pain from that tendon injury? Maybe the boots somehow remind her of that incident?

It might be very possible she just may not tolerate the boots. She an individual. She might just not like it. If that turns out to be the case, just use polos on the back (provided you know how to wrap them properly. If not, have a vet show you.) Lots of barrel racers run with boots on the front legs and polos on the back. I myself prefer boots on all 4 legs, but if she won't tolerate them on the back, you can't force her.

MRich92 01-05-2013 04:56 PM

She'll wear them to be lunged and such but you ask her to run or pick up the pace and her attitude changes. She's a dead head otherwise. No bite buck or rear, can ride her bridless and bareback. Never spooked can shoot a gun off of her, just doesn't tolerate the boots I guess lol
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