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Ace80908 01-05-2013 09:41 PM

Daisy - 2013
My journal for starting Daisy - coming 4 hear old, had 4 months under saddle last spring then turned out by previous owner. She is very green. I ride with my girl friend Michael, we show together and she told me her friend Donna just went pro so we each took a lesson today - I rode first, then Michael. We were out there for 4 hours, and Daisy did really good. This journal will help me keep track of what I am supposed to be doing each week - I will be going to Donna's every Saturday until further notice...

Took Daisy to Donna's for my first lesson with her. This was Daisy and I's third ride, she has been home for 2 weeks now, but temps under 20 degrees all but a few days, so she has just been hanging out. Today was about 35 degrees, slightly windy - it was fine as long as I was moving, but got cold when standing around.

Started with having to battle Daisy to get in the trailer, she ended up having to get popped with a whip to get her butt in... took about 10 minutes.

Got to Donna's house and lunged her to get the fresh out, then hopped on and watched another girl, Karen, 's lesson for about 20 minutes. Then Donna had me trot with my arms really wide out, and down by my knees - my arms were burning in no time... I needed to keep her neck straight and ask for the give at the wither and make sure to push back from the saddle horn while I ride, bumping as necessary to make sure she gets the lift and impulsion from her back end. Daisy breaks the trot alot at this point. Lots of clucking and bumping.

Then we worked on circling tight, for a turn to the right I pull my right arm out high and wide, and get her to give her face by my knee... push her out with my right leg and support with my left rein and leg so she doesn't fall out of the circle... when she relaxes and softens, let her straighten back out - hold her face with wide, low reins and softly cluck/bump her into a trot, making sure to push back from the saddle horn with my hips and pelvis and bump for lift... she got pretty soft a few times.

Go until she gets chargy and fast, then circle as above the other direction...

Did this all over the pen, with stop and backs in there to keep her on her back end.

For a lope, do the circle, get her soft then come out of the circle, lean way back, hands out and up and kiss into the lope, really sitting back and waving legs so she uses her hind, but being sure to keep hands up and wide so she has her shoulders up...

Then tie around 10 minutes each way and a little more trotting.

Excellent ride and great first time lesson with this trainer... I learned a lot! I got off and recorded Michael's ride - she has come so far with her mare, and I hope Daisy has the same progress ...

Daisy jumped in the trailer with only a small hesitation, it took just a few minutes and no whips were involved.

My instructions for the week:

1. Lunge 20 minutes every day - mostly walk and trot, only canter if she goes into it on her own, but then keep her at it for a few circles after she wants to break, then back to walk and jog.

2. Tie her around 10 minutes each side - can do this in her stall - saddle her, tie her around, set a timer and then clean stalls or tack until timer goes off, then change sides and repeat. This gives her a rest from the lunging, so she still has enough left for the riding...

3. Ride lots and lots of circles - try to keep the trot going and then into circles both ways. Lope a few circles each way - not more than two circles at a time. Much more trotting than anything else - look for a soft, lifty trot with impulsion from the hind and a give to the face ... when I get it - reward and get off.

4. Showmanship drills while she cools off. Set her feet, reward and practice quarters. Then pivot 90 degrees, trot off and after about 50 feet, stop and set again. Repeat until I complete the square then practice backing a few times, then set up again and put her away.

Do this at least five times before next Saturday... the weather is supposed to hold for most of the week - so we'll see how far we get.

RunSlideStop 01-05-2013 09:49 PM

Curious what you mean by tying her? "Tie her both sides"?
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Ace80908 01-05-2013 10:28 PM

In a snaffle bit - take right rein and tie to back D ring on right side of saddle - just enough to tilt her nose to the fender - later we will tighten it as she gains strength... repeat on left side.

Ace80908 01-08-2013 11:34 PM

Daisy has had a good week - we rode Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (today).. we have been following the plan and she has been wanting to canter instead of trot on the lunge, so I just let her until she gets tired, and then ask her to trot... she did really well today - I am getting her to give to the bit a little easier now, and when riding her jog was more consistent and I added side passing and walking through and then backing out of an L - figure why not start trail practice as well...

Her showmanship is getting better very slowly - she still doesn't get a setup on her own, so we have to continue to work on that, but she is getting much better at the walk and trot guiding off my shoulders, and she is pretty consistent on the pivot - we are on 90 degrees so far... I can get a straight backup with little resistance.

I noticed that she is very fussy when I try to lift her head up - I checked and found that she has not had her wolf teeth pulled, so made an appointment for her on Friday to get them out. It is supposed to snow on Friday and Saturday, so I figure the timing is right.

Ace80908 01-10-2013 09:41 PM

Had Kellie take a video of our showmanship pattern work yesterday - she was laughably bad at setting up ... I was glad we recorded it so we can see progress next month :) Her pivots are good as long as I get myself in the correct position as we turn... when I first started I couldn't get a trot and she is already trying to find the "sweet spot" where there isn't any pressure - trying to teach her to go off my shoulder position. This is a good starting point I think.

I rode yesterday and today - she was better yesterday - today she wanted to break quite a bit from the jog - we haven't done much canter at all - only about 10 percent of our ride is a canter... the rest is bending and teaching her to give her face, hips, shoulders, and move up into her face so her trot is lifty and from her back end...

Tomorrow she gets her teeth done, which is great timing because we are supposed to have 50 to 60 mph wind gusts and then Sat and Sun the temps are supposed to top out at 15 degrees, so a good time to give her a break -

Overall, we are just starting out, and we are just going to go slowly and keep her confident and happy in her new role as pampered show pony...

Ace80908 01-20-2013 09:14 PM

Had my second lesson today, Daisy is doing quite well....

She got in the trailer with no problems, and we headed to Donna's. We worked on getting her to tighten up her trot - lifting her shoulder and neck and then getting her to drive deeper with her back.

We started her spur stop today as well.

Here is a video of the beginning and the end of the lesson.

Ace80908 02-20-2013 09:44 PM

riding lesson:

showmanship lesson:

We have been riding as frequently as weather allows, typically at 3 or 4 times a week, and trying to get a lesson as often as I can. We are doing lots of circles to get her to slow her trot and keeping her driving at the canter...

Showmanship is actually coming along pretty well, working on her set up. Her pivots are actually coming along nicely.

I am posting videos so I can keep track of our progress. Hoping to get her in the show ring by May, I will enter her in showmanship and maybe horsemanship and novice amateur trail...

Ace80908 02-25-2013 02:29 AM

Excellent lesson today... we recorded the showmanship - I am now training with a young lady named Laurel - I worked with her last year and find her style is more fitting with mine...

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