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northwesten 01-06-2013 12:13 AM

What Droid apps do you use?
So i have Motorola Electrify phone and I love it for what I use it for. So I thought I share what apps I use and why I love them so.

Their not in any order but here a list anyway.
Facebook - No brainer here as I use ot to share pics and stay in touch with friends around the world.

Google Voice - I love this app because I can use this as well with my number calls across the world. My phone it self can not call the UK but the app allows me to make calls like I can and use their service to make the calls with out added charges. Which cheap and I prefer that than Skype calls.

AntiVirus - Say it all but also when you register with your Google Account you have extra security. Like if my phone got stolen by a moose in Maine I can login my PC and then track the phone and lock it and wipe it etc. Also it's free too :)

Barcode Scanner - Scan all sorts of bar codes which I have a use for to be honest :)

Google Authenticator - Google has stop my account getting hacked 5 times so I have added this feature and I LOVE IT!! Also I have some important website service that linked to my 2 Gamil accounts and I not even worried about getting hacked now. Check it out !!

Gmail - Enough said lol

Google Analytics - This useful for me as I can time to time keep track how much traffic I getting on my websites and where and what kind of devices they using.

GasBuddy - YES OMG YES people do try and keep up to date what the prices around in the local area. It's even better when you plan long trips so then you can plan your stops at the cheapest area. I have saved a lot of money on my long trips with this.

Flashlight - Does what it says! LIGHT LET THERE BE LIGHT!

InstaGram - Great app for mini picture sharing of good moments :)

Skype - I only use this for video chat with friends and family back at home or when I am away from my Son. Works great on wifi.

Photaf Panorama (Free) - Just been trying this indoors and I LOVE IT. Not as fancy as Iphone but I am sure the programmers will come around to making just as a good one.

My Tracks - I use this on my long trail rides and tracks my movments. Collects a lot of good info along the way as well. Link it to your google account and you can save it online as well. Here an example of one of my rides.
20 mile ride. - Google Maps

Youtube - Not bad app but works great when you have it linked to your Playstation 3. Then it acts like a remote for it :)

Twitter - enough said.. Also if you have more than one account like me you can easily switch between accounts and pretty much useful for my websites.

Tumblr - Yes love that site with all horsey picture sharing etc.
Tunin Radio - I think this is the best radio app out there. Works well on my 3G network and crap load of station pretty much all over the world.

Firefoxs - haven't tested it yet but I am waiting for google to release one for more cell phones. Which mine not ready yet :(

- These sites I use when I am away from my PC. Those I wish MS does windows live writer mobile version soon. I love that software on my PC :)

Easy Voice recorder - It will record voices or sounds etc. I been using this for legal insurance to protect my butt when it comes to work. State of Maine not people friendly as it's employment laws are not the best. I seen people got fired for really dumb reason then lie to the state. This app helped me 3 times to prove my case :)
Warning must check your state laws tho. Doesn't work on my calls for recording tho. Motorola doesn't like that kinda stuff :(

So what Apps do you use on your phone and what tools do you find useful for your life???

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