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OliviaMyee 01-06-2013 03:15 AM

First time for me and my horse bridle-less
Ok so it has been a year leasing Slip, we have a good trusting bond now.

I nearly cried out of joy riding today ! All this preparation of riding bareback in a rope halter steering him with my legs, transitions and stops really paid of ! I cant wait, soon i will be able to ride tackles in the arena,paddock and jumping (but with a saddle sometimes) !

Prior to getting on Slip he knows "whoa" as a voice command to stop, and on the ground for 5 minutes i stopped him using rope pressure on his neck... he pretty much just guessed what i was asking for, (i think), either that or he learnt all that in 5 minutes. HORSES ARE SO SMART !!!
and he just backed up when i asked him to, even know i only did it on the ground for 3 minutes ! And off course he was able to be steered with the rope and my legs, because i taught him to steer western style when they put the reins against the horses neck.

hopefully the video of riding today will be on youtube soon !







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