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Barrelhorsetrainer 01-07-2013 12:41 AM

What type of bits do you use?
Just wondering what types of bits you use for riding in on your horse and why?
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SorrelHorse 01-07-2013 12:54 AM

Oh that's broad. I have a LOT of bits for a LOT of different things.

Right now since most of my horses will do both gaming and performance events, they will have a gaming bridle and a show bridle.

Almost all my schooling at home is done in a plain myler comfort snaffle, smooth or twisted depending on the horse.

I'll go with just my two main kiddos right now.

Selena does a long shank Billy Allen for reining, the cowhorse, equitation, etc. She is ridiculously soft in the face so doesn't need much mouthpiece, I choose the long shank on her though just as an "in case measure." Then for the gaming, barrels, drill, any "go hard" events she gets a short shank smooth jr. cowhorse dogbone with copper rollers. It's extremely light. It's enough bit that I can take a hold of her when she gets strong but not enough that if I snatch her on accident she's going to get slowed up and bound by my hand. That teensy bit of gag just says "come here" when I need it to.

Ruger right now is still mainly in a snaffle. He is four and coming along very well, but every now and then I'll put him in my o ring dogbone twist combo. Mainly because he's lifty and I can shut down that front end pretty fast with the gag and nose pressure if he comes up too far, but admittedly it's also because he inhales shanks and reins if he can...Even if the shank is long he will suck it in. Put him in Selena's cowhorse when I first started getting him up in the bridle and almost instantly he had the shank and half my reins in his mouth and there was nothing I could do about it.

However, these bits are relative. I like to use a lot of Myler bits to show in, as well as the billy allens. I'm sold on those as far as reining and other performance events goes. The gaming is a whole 'nother story though. I have a LOT of different options there.

Wanstrom Horses 01-07-2013 01:45 AM

Snaffle, hackamore, half breed, Mona Lisa, Spanish spade :)

jumanji321 01-07-2013 02:07 AM

I use a thick french link for most of my dressage and english flat work, a pelham with double reins for tune-up rides, a sweet six sweet iron lifesaver for gaming and a low port curb bit for western riding, but I want to get something that isn't solid so I can have more flexibility with it.

BarrelRacingLvr 01-07-2013 02:47 AM

Hmm wow....where do I start lol!

ALL of the horse get rode in Snaffles 80% of the time when they are at home. When we are doing drills, fast work, or making runs they all have a specific bit.

JJ has his training bits which are to get him to back off at the first as a reminder (usually only have to use them when we are at a 3 day race and he is getting pushy, just the type of horse he is). Those bits are the Banana Bit and the Charmayne James Pretzel Bit.

His slow work bit is a Easy 5 smooth mouth 3 piece with a roller. And when not training on the pattern and just need to make a blow through I will put this bit on him (also good to see if he is listening to my light aids or if we have to do a refresher and mini CTJ).

His running bits are the Sharon Camarillo Drop Nose Correction bits. I have the long and short shank. The short shank is for pens that are close to the wall, the long shank is for when we are in BIG OPEN pens where the 1st barrel is in BFE and nowhere near a fence. Another tight pen bit I like is the SS Sherry Cervi.

His bits mainly reflect off of his 1st barrel....

Now Scrat is pretty simple...his training bit 50% of the time is the Banana Bit, the other 50% is the Jr. Cowhorse.

Slow work bit is the Jr. Cowhorse

Running bit is another one of the Charmayne James Lifters.

Zoey (formally known as Polly....well there was a name change lol.) She is still in the training parts so she is in the same bit 80% of the time. I like to ride her in the Tender Touch, some times the Banana Bit (set it really loose and low in her mouth). I also have been messing around with a Little S, and plan on doing some modifying of it to make it have less bite for the sensitive giant lol.

Like I said before ALL the horses are ridden daily when not doing drills ect in a Snaffle. I do a lot of soft and supple work with them when we are doing our daily routines.

Britt 01-07-2013 09:09 PM

My mare rides in a mechanical hackamore because she knows how to run through a bit and responds better and prefers the hackamore. When she does start trying to disrespect the hackamore (trying to run through it) I switch her to a high-ported correctional curb bit for a ride or two, and then put her back in the hackamore and she's fine.

My gelding rides in an O-ring snaffle because he responds best with it and likes it, though I also sometimes switch to a twisted wire dogbone curb bit when I'm trying to teach him something and he needs more in his mouth than a snaffle.

Northernstar 01-07-2013 09:15 PM

I ride for pleasure on my property, and not often. I've been riding bitless for over a year now, and really enjoy it! Just as long as my horses do well, I'll probably continue that way :)

Haileyyy 01-07-2013 09:31 PM

For Skippers I have been using an S hackamore, he has been going great in it. I have tried on a few different types of bits but he prefers to be bitless.

If I ride either of my mom's horses I ride in a snaffle. Her gelding prefers a thicker loose ring and her mare likes a thinner copper mouth piece d-ring.

boots 01-09-2013 02:11 AM

I ride for other people, so I always at least start with what they want. And, I'd better have a good reason and convincing story to get someone to change. They are all as opinionated as we are on this board!

Snaffles, bosals, hackamores, tom thumbs, variety of curbs, pelhams, double bridles.

WesternJake 01-17-2013 12:40 AM

I've been riding my gelding recently in a Jr. Cowhorse w/ copper rollers. He's finally getting some nice brakes going, and I barely have to bump the bit to remind him to whoa. Still working on stopping from a fast lope, though! lol.

Not sure if I'll actually game him in it yet though, as I'm always afraid of pulling on his face. He games well in a little S hackamore. We'll just have to switch it up and see what works best.

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