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Runninghot88 01-08-2013 07:09 AM

Tips On Growing or Filing out a mane and tail
I am looking for some tips and secrets to help a healthy tail. Other then the obvious of good nutrition and not being able to do anything because of genetics. Right now, I am just putting his tail in a tail bag braided. I know MTG is good but its so greasy and especially with blankets and neck wraps, don't want those getting greasy. What are some other products or secret ingredient that can be used? Does coconut oil work well?
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Fahntasia 01-10-2013 08:51 AM

My mare had a very thin scraggly tail when I got her, I chopped it off at the hocks, spray it with show sheen everytime I groom her, brush it out with a big toothed comb and it's doubled in size. I cut it off again last month at the hock, it's REALLY thick now, and im going to let it grow out for show season. I do not braid it, or bag it, good food, show sheen and a bog toothed comb, thats all I do :-)

Blue Smoke 01-13-2013 01:00 AM

Show sheen actually dries out the hair if you use it long term/frequently. I don't use anything special, I keep my geldings tail braided and in a bag as soon as it starts to get muddy out, mud dries out hair as well. I will take it out at least once a week and do a quick finger combing, some Xtreme or cowboy magic detangler if it needs it, then put it back in the tail bag. If there is a stretch of decent weather in the winter I will let it stay down until the weather goes bad again. Now granted my gelding obviously has good genetics in the hair dept, but I have done the same exact thing with my other or friends horses with less than stellar genetics in the thick, luxurious tail department. I keep it cut to at least fetlock level.

I also feed about a half cup of freshly ground flax a day, it seems to promote maximum hair growth. I noticed a significant difference in hair growth since I've started feeding flax and free choice loose minerals.

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