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jenniferw 01-08-2013 02:20 PM

Critique my jumping please :)
hey guys, so these are my first two shows, i now jump about 90 cms. which is a huge improvement from that.
Check out this link,
It wont upload my videos :?

DappleGrayHunter 01-08-2013 05:36 PM

You looked really good for your first show! Your horse was also adorable!

Anyway, I noticed over many of the fences that you didn't jump over the center of the jump; you tended to drift to the right side of the jump. In the future, use a bit of right leg and left rein to correct this problem. Also keep in mind that, while your horse's head may seem like it is pointed in the correct direction, his butt isn't always in the right place. In several instances, especially after turns, his butt had swung way out to the side, but his head was pointed at the jump, making for a few awkward jumps. Again, try to use your leg to correct this problem so that his head and butt are lined up with the butt.

Additionally, try not to let the horse rush the fences. That made for some strange distances to the fences. By keeping him collected, you can plan ahead for a better distance to the jump.

And lastly, it looked like you were just standing up in your stirrups when you went over the jumps. Try to bend forward further at the hips and give a bit more of a release.

Overall, you rode really well. Keep it up!

VelvetsAB 01-08-2013 09:08 PM

Time to work on getting your horse off your leg a lot more on the flat, so that when you come into a line, if you put some outside/inside leg on, he will stay square to the fence.

Your turns need to be planned and executed better. When you were coming in between the one or two stride (close to where the videographer was), you were having to make awkward turns. It also didn't help that your horse wasn't getting his lead, and you weren't fixing it. That would have helped smooth out corners and (bending) lines a lot.

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