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Dreamcatcher5 01-08-2013 07:57 PM

Luca! His improvement!
I've started exercising Luca much more and he's looking fab so far! I think he's improved nicely in such a short time! :shock:

^ I just love his shininess!

He actually enjoys his exercise SO much, he always neighs happily when he sees the lunge and tendon boots waiting for him! He literally pushes his head into his halter when I fetch him from the paddock for exercise! :D

But now that he has a leg wound, I have to let him rest for a while :-( Just as he was getting so muscular...but when his leg gets better, I will do some light lunging and when he is perfectly fine again, I'll continue with his exercise. (gradually so that he doesn't get any strains from coming into work again so quickly) well, anyway. What do you think? He looks a bit better than before! (for those who have read my previous Luca threads.)

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