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Lunavi 01-09-2013 04:01 AM

Possible new saddle, but a few questions? ( TWH )
I found a Big Horn synthetic saddle for sale in my area, but I have a few quick questions first ( and an HF help would be greatly appreciated! ).

It is a 502, synthetic with suede, 17" with QHB. My TWH is on the narrower side, so the QHB shouldn't be a problem, but fit will tell.

The guys is asking $300, new condition ( not used ), and if I were to buy one new it would cost me 600+ because I would need it shipped.

So my questions are:
- in general, as I know trees vary, would regular QHBs allow for proper movement of the shoulder or should I specifically seek a gaited horse saddle ( which is very rare here )? I currently ride in my friend's spare regular SQHB/QHB saddle and I haven't noticed an issue, but I could be missing something very subtle.
- in future, my husband will also be riding Rylen and the 17" would be perfect for him, as he's a little squished in the other saddle. I ride comfortably in a 16" smooth seat ( my other saddle for my QH ), so would I be too small to ride in a 17" padded seat occasionally?

Thanks to anyone with any suggestions/opinions!

SouthernTrails 01-09-2013 07:11 AM


The Saddle is a 6.75" Gullet with QH Bars, will it fit your Horse? depends are how big his shoulders are, The Ralide Tree they use is not known for a lot of flair in the leading edge of the bar for shoulder relief, I have seen this tree work on "some" of the narrower TWH

300.00 new condition but not used? To me new condition means used....hmmm

A new one from this place is 399.00, shipping is free in the US, so I am sure they will give a partial credit on shipping to CA

Full Specs and place with the 399.00 price Big Horn 17" #502 Cordura Trail Saddle - Reg Bar. Free ground shipping in the lower 48 States.-1-1-1


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