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GodGirl11 01-10-2013 06:11 PM

Several questions! (eventing apparel)
For dressage, black, obviously.
But for show jumping...would gray or maybe even hunter green be good at high levels? If not, what color?

What brand would you recommend for kids (I'm done growing...5' 0", 95lbs) for high level eventing?

Is it required to carry a crop in show jumping/cross-country and a whip in dressage at high levels? I really don't like them...

What color gloves for dressage is best at higher levels, black or white?

Is there such thing as a cross-country saddle? If so, where??? Also, what brand jumping and dressage saddle AND bridles would you recommend?

I currently don't show, but it is my dream to be a highly-ranked eventer :oops:

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