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GracieNHopie 09-21-2008 03:36 PM

In Loving Memory of Hope the Donkey
Hope the donkey crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Sept. 19th 2008. She was a wonderful blessing to our family having given us 11months almost to the day of pure joy and laughter.
We rescued her on Oct. 20th 2007 from an auction. My sister paid a whomping sum of $1.15 for her as NO ONE wanted a bag of bones old a dirt donkey.
She was a fighter and proved she still had alot of love and live in her.
We let Hopie go after she started to really struggle with everyday things, getting up from her naps and losing interest in her hay.
We miss her dearly but in the wake of her passing we were able to take in another equine that needed a home.

I hope to see you over the rainbow Hope. remember to keep trimming those rose bushes!.

Video about Hope's year with us.
myself and Hope after we shaved her for the summer...

FancyAppy 09-21-2008 07:11 PM

Bless you for giving hope a wonderfull life with you. She knew love and always had enough to eat.
I am so sorry for your loss of such a sweet donkey.Rest in Peace Hope knowing you are loved.

paintedcity 09-22-2008 12:05 PM

Ive been thinking about you. The other place down and am so glad you came here. How are you? Did you stay or go? Im glad you have the room to help yet another who needs you. ((HUGS))
I cant wait to meet Hope over the rainbow bridge. You did her well!!

travlingypsy 10-19-2008 07:42 PM

Awww what a sweet ol gal! What kind was she?

Helenmcd 12-27-2008 04:48 AM

I bought a donkey from a traveller, the donkey was in a bad condition, overgrown feet, matted coat, staving and depressed. neighbours and friend said I was wasting my time and money on her, no one thought she would survive the winter, but with help of vet and farrier she lived a further 7 years with me, she was named Martha. The vet had never seen such an old donkey, she had no front teeth, worn away with age. She had to be put down this February, she got an infection in her mouth and nothing was going to save her. I still cry for the hard life she had before i found her, but took consolation that I gave her 7 years of love and attention. That was all I could do for her. I miss her terribly and its only now that I can go into her barn without crying.

sandy2u1 01-04-2009 05:10 AM

I am so sorry for your the same time...I am so glad you gave that donkey a happy 11 months. It sounds as though you both were blessed for having met.

Samstead 02-12-2012 01:01 AM

sorry for your loss. I know a mini donkey who we call knee-high everyone LOVES him you go to the fence of the petting zoo he lives in and call him it may take some conving on those warm sumer days when he's sunning but he'll come over eventually for a nice ear rub and a back scratch and to listen to people tell him how awesome he is it is gonna be so hard to say goodbye to him and he'll never be replaced!

HorseLovinLady 02-12-2012 03:50 AM

I'm so sorry for your loss, How old was she. Also welcome to the forum.

gunslinger 02-12-2012 12:42 PM

The three greatest things in the world....Faith, HOPE, and Love.

Hope, found your love, and you found your hope.

It's things such as this that touches our hearts.

Hope is no doubt, looking down, and smiling on you from above.

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