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DoubleS 01-13-2013 05:07 PM

What's your horse's story? (my story/video!)
Well I've officially had my horse, Putts, for 5 years now! He's come a long way since I first bought him! I've learned so much from him and I also think he's come a really long way in his training, considering I bought him as a greenie (I'm 15 now, so you can do the math on how old I was when I took him on. :lol:)
He had a lot of behavioral issues (rearing, bucking, etc) and at one point I was scared to ride him, but we worked it out.
Before I got him he was only ridden in an arena or a roundpen and was never ridden bareback. Now we've gone swimming in a lake, gone on overnight trail rides, learned to pull a carriage, started jumping and riding english. One of our greatest accomplishments, though, is riding bareback/bridleless proficiently. :lol:
Although showing's not important to me (I'd much rather trail ride or canter around in the yard :lol:), his improvement was obvious through how he usually placed this year and last year compared to the first two years we showed. Particularly in halter/showmanship classes (at 4H shows).
do anything for me and that's what I love about him. :-)
Here's a little video I edited/put together of our life since I've had him (the snowy clips are recent though)

Well that's our story. What's your story with your current equine? (bragging welcome :lol:)

Whisper22 01-13-2013 05:43 PM

I bought Sky last September, after selling my very first horse who was just too small and green for me, and my husbands crazy half draft, who he had lost interest in. I was glad to be back down to just one. Sky was 5 years old and only had a year of training on her, but was pretty solid, absolutely nothing bothers her. We trail ride mostly, but haven't even done much of that lately.

I didn't get a PPE before taking her home and 7 months later discovered she was pregnant. 5 weeks after that she had a beautiful little colt. This was back in June, so her colt is 7months now and I plan on keeping him. Back up to two. I plan to start weaning very soon, so we can get back to the trails. My daughter will also start riding her as soon as I can find a decent instructor, and then will be joining 4-h in August.

JustImagine 01-13-2013 06:34 PM

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That's always such an accomplishment when you can turn around a horse with nasty habits =] It's scary sometimes, but it's nice when you learn how to man up and deal with it. Putts is very cute, too! What breed is he?
I bought my Arab about 9 months ago intending to do show jumping with him. He's 13 and had a bit of a rough life before I got him. His first owners who broke him used him as a lesson horse for 8 years, and had a tom thumb bit in his month; he hated it and would jerk his head in the air to get away from it, so they solved it by tying his head down (sigh). His owners who I bought him from had him for 8 years and did western barrel racing with him. They put a nicer bit in his mouth but he was still afraid of it and never accept it.
Fast forward to me buying him; I trained him to jump and jumped him for a few months before realizing that when we were jumping, I couldn't slow him down without him trying to flip me off. So I found a new trainer who has been working with us and his accepting the bit for the past few months. He's no longer scared of this bit and we plan on quitting jumping and doing dressage with him, which we've just started a couple weeks ago =] I attached a picture of when I was jumping him, a picture of his old headset (haha!) and a picture from a few days ago with his new headset and dressage training.

Steph23 01-13-2013 08:26 PM

My Grandpa and I bought Tony when she was 3 yrs old as a back up horse in case one of our team penning horses got hurt. Less than a year later his horse ended up with a 2 inch chunk of wood that entered above the coronet band and went along the inside of the hoof wall. Anyways he started competing on her way before she was ready. After a year she went sour, would not run or respond to anything. He sent her out to pasture sure she was only going to be good for a broodmare. I left her for a summer and just started pleasure riding and in our open fields I started to encourage her to run. Then I started doing gymkhanas, just fun stuff to get her going. She was doing great! Eventually I was able to get her to going on cattle again and now she is one of my best horses! We has become so cowy and extremely quick. :)

Brighteyes 01-13-2013 09:24 PM

I met Baby Girl about two and a half years ago on a bright day in September. The day before my first CTR. I was suppose to ride her in the competition, as the horse I was suppose to ride got severe girth rubs at the last minute. She was a green broke barely-four-year-old who had never been away from home, never the less to huge out of state trail ride.

We were almost pulled at a P&R 14 miles in, but managed to complete the ride. I was hooked on the sport and wanted a horse to do it with. Why not this horse? It was love at first sight.

I rode her every weekend until Decemeber, when she became mine on Christmas Eve. We worked hard that first year. We put in six CTRs that year and got regional high point junior novice horse, rider, and team. All in spite of a bowed tendon during the summer from which everything thought would be career impairing.

Year two was even more intense. We did four rides during the spring. We planned on a full fall season, but BG became severely ill during the summer. She tied up during a routine trail ride. I didn't know what was going on. We called the vet, but it was 9:00 pm and all the local vets were closed. She wasn't stable enough for a trailer ride, even if we could get in touch with someone.

I sat with her all night. I held up water and hay, because she was so stiff she couldn't lower her head to drink. She panted, her heart raced, her urine was brown-red in color, her gums were sticky pale, and she stood unable to move for eight heart wrenching hours.

The vet later said it was a miracle she survived. It was the worst tie up she had ever seen where the horse lived. Her blood work was sent to UGA, as the vet's machine's wouldn't read numbers so high. Just as miraculously, there was no permanent kidney damage. The damaged muscle would need slow, careful rehab.

Two weeks and I was cleared to ride her at a walk for 30 minutes a day. BG tied up minorly again three weeks later, and another time two weeks after that. The vet suspected she had PSSM, so we changed her diet and lifestyle to manage it. Even with management, no one thought BG would ever be suitable for distance again. I was encouraged to sell her as a pasture pet.

Two months later, and BG's turn around was spectacular. She looked, felt, and performed better than ever. We finished out 2012 with two open rides, one of which was the toughest ride in region 5.

This year, we have 12 open rides planned. We'll need that many to get our national championship. Let's do this thing.

countrylove 01-14-2013 11:49 AM

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Instead of typing a long post here is the link to my mare's thread :) Tons of pictures and her life story. I try to update occasionally too
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