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LeahKathleen 01-13-2013 10:47 PM

Not that I need another horse...

Awesome Paint mare, 4 yr old, great riding horse

Such a pretty face, and not a bad price... I wonder what her pedigree is.

smrobs 01-13-2013 10:53 PM

She's cute, but it always bothers me when someone advertises "Great bloodlines for breeding" but can't be bothered to throw a couple of names out there just to give folks an idea.

LeahKathleen 01-13-2013 10:55 PM

Yeah, that bugs me too. I don't know if that's better or worse than when people throw out random big names that are so far back on the pedigree that is doesn't particularly matter anymore.

I think I'm just a sucker for the blue eyes. :P

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