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Sanolena Pep Ranch 01-14-2013 01:10 AM

Does Anyone have pictures of these horses
Does and one have any pictures of the following horses?

High Brow Hickory
Moolah Quixote
Doc Quixote
High Brow Quixote
Any of High Brow Quixote's foals

Our Little Sister
Haidas Little Pep
Hesa Doc O Lena
Our Little Lena
Any of Our Little Sister's foals

Toms Portolet
Ollie Tom
Dry Port
Any of Toms Portolet's foals

Savvy Lil Tenino
Smart Lil Highbrow
Peppy Gold Fair
Little Peppy Fair
Any of Savvy Lil Tenino's foals

Miss Stylish Montana
Montana Doc
RSK Gay Goldwood
Any of Miss Stylish Montana's foals

Dox Sheri
Miss N Cash
Fresnos Peppy Doll
Pavo De Peppy
Any of Dox Sheri's foals
***I am also looking for one of her fillys to replace her. Their names are QR Miss N Boon and QR Miss N Red, any information on either of these fillys send a PM

Smart Strawberry
Ill Be Smart
Strawberry Sug
Sugs Pistol
Any of Smart Strawberry's foals

Miss Dual Chocolate
Dual Peppy
Mocha Lynx
Docs Lynx
Any of Miss Dual Chocolate's Foals
I would be interested in any of Mocha Lynx's foals

Sugs Doc Didget
Most Peppy Doc

Ms San Playdox
Mr San Peppy
Ms San Doc
Ms Doc Bar
Any of Ms San Playdox's foals

KAD Ms Smart Montana
Doc Poco Smart
Any of KAD MS Smart Montana's foals

CR Smart N Gray
Smart N Slick
Dales Gold Bar
The Haymaker
Any of Dales Gold Bar foals, I would also be interested in them.

Dun Berry Mint
Heeza Dun It
Any of Dun Berry Mint's foals

Peppys Rio Playgirl (formally A PRP For Me)
Pepto Rio Playboy
Little Peppy Ruby
Any of Little Peppy Ruby's foals

Just Dinero
Just Smart
Smart Dinero
Smart Little Uno
Any of Smart Dinero's foals

Wood Miss Hickory
Nitas Wood
Doc's Hickory
Hickorys Peppy Miss
Any of Hickorys Peppy Miss foals

Our Little Choice
SR Instant Choice

Dual Cattin
Show Biz Flash
Miss Kitty Cattin
Any of Miss Kitty Cattin's foals

Little Cat Olena
Woody Be Tuff
Pretty Smart Cat (APHA)
Girls Rule In Color (APHA)
Heza Lot Like Laker
Docs Polksalad Annie
Any of Docs Polksalad Annie's foals ***I would be interested in any of her foals***

Elans Peppy Playgirl
SLP Sallys Filia
Any of SLP Sallys Filia's foals
Sallys Little Peppy

Laci Wrangler (formally Queen Graces Crown)
I Crown The Dinger
Crown Royal Bars
Racy Wrangler
Rocket Wrangler
Miss Moon Dust
Any of Racy Wrangler's foals.

Grays Smart Pistol
Olenas Doll
Mr Freckles Olena
Leo Qusetions Doll
Any of Olenas Doll's foals.

Sanolena Pep
Smartest Little Pep
Ima Classy Maid
Any of Ima Classy Maid's foals
Classy Little Lena

Snorty Lena
Doc's Yellow Rose
Sandy Rock

Thank you to anyone that has or finds pictures of any of these horses.
Also Thank you if you know where any of the horses I am looking for are.


Spotted 01-14-2013 01:24 AM

Wow! Have you looked on all breed pedigree. Probly a stupid question, but thought I would ask:)

Sanolena Pep Ranch 01-14-2013 01:38 AM

Yes I have looked on All Breed Pedigree Query

CCH 01-14-2013 12:09 PM

If you are looking to take photos of those horses for use on a website, it will most likely violate the copyrights of not only the owner of the horse, but the photographer as well.

Sanolena Pep Ranch 01-14-2013 12:37 PM

I never post with out permission. And would like for personal. I have a heritage book on each of my horses and would like the pictures for that.

Iseul 01-14-2013 12:55 PM

Have you tried google? Im sure there's pictures of at least most of them somewhere.
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LeynaProof 01-14-2013 04:55 PM

Ahh I thought i had you some pictures of High Brow Hickory, but it is Ace High Hickory that i have pictures of. :/ Sorry...

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