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Drifting 01-14-2013 04:17 PM

2nd chances
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I own two horses. A coming 6 year old grade QH named Drifter and a coming yearling appaloosa Stryder. I purchased Stryder as a weanling in the hopes that he would grow into a larger horse than Drifter is. Drifter is 15 hands, and has a more narrow build. I can already tell the appy is going to be wider, and should finish off around 15.2.

With that knowledge in mind, and the fact that I have friends with horses I could ride until Stryder was ready in a few years, I decided to try selling Drifter. Paying board, even field board, on two horses at the barn I am at is expensive. I wanted to cut down my cost and focus on taking lessons on schooled horses, not a horse who felt small, with holes in his training (my fault.) I have never had a lesson in my life; I missed the green-on-green memo when I purchased him 3 years ago.

In November a nice lady took Drifter on a 6 month off-farm lease, a trial. If they liked him they would purchase him at the end of the lease, if not he’d come back and I didn’t have to board him over the winter. Drifter is a ‘worrier’ but this lady really enjoys doing ground work and he’s a pro at that.

Unfortunately, as much as they enjoyed him on the ground, in the saddle he was too much for her. They were looking for a horse both she and her daughter could ride, and I would not classify him as a kid’s horse. He proved that by bolting on her, making the girl (about 12?) take a tumble and a trip to the ER. Thank god for helmets. She’s fine.

Drifter has never bolted on me and I’ve owned him since he was 2, we broke him out and I’ve been his only rider. Imagine my surprise getting the text saying what happened, and I agreed to take him back 3 months early. I didn’t want him to sit till April with no rider to help work on him. Truth be told, I missed my horse. I missed riding my OWN horse, not to mention he was my 1st horse.

So now I find myself eagerly awaiting the return of my red-headed wonder. It will pose new challenges, I have goals, we both need to learn more and we’ll do it together. He will be going to a different barn, someplace cheaper where I will do co-op to help with costs. It means I’ll split my time between two barns for now, but I’m not ready to leave the other one just yet. My friends are there, it’s a good safe place for my younger horse and I have the help I need there to give him a good foundation on the ground.

So now is my 2nd chance with Drifter. He’s only been out of my hands for 3 months and I know he was well taken care of. I have some goals I’d like to accomplish in the next year, the poor thing won’t know what hit him.

A few goals:
1) Mounted Archery (must learn how to shoot a bow and arrow on the ground first.)
2) Ring Jousting! The great sport of the state of Maryland. I want to do this.
3) Trail riding alone.

Not only will we be doing this, but we’ll be going through the transition of new tack. He outgrew his saddle last year and I have an English/endurance style one to try out. I’ve only ridden in an English saddle a few times. If I don’t like it, back to a western or a different endurance style one. I also purchased a side-pull for him last year that we never tried out, so we’ll be seeing how that goes as well.

Anyways, I am starting this journal because I want to keep track of what he and I do together. I also am very excited to get him back, and my friends are tired of hearing about it. ;)

2 weeks to go.

Drifting 02-10-2013 09:10 PM

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Well, Drifter's been back for a few weeks and I haven't done anything with him. I just brushed him today for the first time since he'd been back. Its been cold, grounds been frozen, and I don't feel like freezing. Thankfully spring is just around the corner.

I took him out today, pulled off his blanket and gave him a good look. He's not as filled out as he was over the summer, but winters are always hard on him.

However, I'm either smoking something or he's going through a growth spurt at coming 6 years old. Cause he is BUTT HIGH like no bodies business. I was brushing him and realized I couldn't see over his hind quarters. So I took a step back and did one of these "O.o" things. Maybe there's a hole he was in.

Anyways, pictures

This was from Late Septemberish/October.

and the one from today. See the difference?

Gawky looking thing. Ah well. Come on spring! I want to ride.

RiverBelle 02-11-2013 01:22 AM

Very lovely horse! I hope you and him have some great times with summer :)

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