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redmans mom 09-21-2008 10:53 PM

Would a bruised frog cause a horse to buck?
Help....This is a loaded question. My horse bucked four times today, for the first time since I have owned him, which is two years. It was when I clicked him up into a trot. I pulled his reins back, after I figured out he was actually bucking....that is how surprised I was. He has NEVER even offered to buck. When we got back in our pasture, I tried again. He did it again. After I got him back to the barn and could watch him, he may have been favoring his back leg/hoof a little bit. When standing, he entirely bent the hoof under him. Would a stone bruise or a bruised frog cause him to buck when going into a trot?

G and K's Mom 09-22-2008 11:41 AM

On a good natured horse, a buck coming out of the blue would lead me to believe something is troubling him.

If you can't see anything else wrong, like a sore back or tack issue, I would start by soaking his hoof for a couple of days with epsom salts and see if he improves. If not then maybe a vet call. Could be an abscess starting.

kitten_Val 09-22-2008 11:51 AM

It's kinda strange in my opinion. Is he lame? If he has issues with the hoof the first thing you'll see is lameness (at least from my experience).

Have you check his back? I do remember a situation in barn when hyper horse actually kicked the wall. :shock: We found out he hurt his back that time, because he started to buck after that (till the owner gave him a good rest).

PoptartShop 09-22-2008 02:56 PM

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I think if he bucked like that, that could be a sign that he's in some sort of pain.

slightly crazy 09-22-2008 04:06 PM

I agree with everyone else if he's well behaved and this is the first time in 2 years it makes me think he's in pain or uncomfortable

FGRanch 09-23-2008 01:44 PM

Chances are that it's pain related. I would check for stone brusing first, I've known this to make horses buck

Sometimes even a tiny little "ouchie" could make a horse buck. Tana had a small, and I mean small cut on her front leg and she bucked for the only time when I rode her for 15 mins with that on her leg. It has hardly a scratch.

But it could also be that your boy was just having a bad day, that does happen. Maybe try getting on him again and see what he does!

Hope that helps! :D.

barefoothooves 09-23-2008 02:56 PM

Which came first? the buck or the bruise? In any case, if you think your horse has a stone bruise, a little rest or light work on softer surfaces until it's healed will do the trick.

Foot pain could cause some naughty behavior, but it more often causes stumbling or balking than bucking since bucking would put more stress on the ouchy part., though every horse is an individual, and there are some that might act out that way. Usually though, it's just a limp of their gait is slightly "off".

It doesn't hurt to check for brusing, abscessing or punctures, but don't just assume that 's it. More often a buck will come from a sore muscle, a tack issue or just lack of exercise mixed with a weather change and some exciting stimulus. the bucking itself could have caused whatever issue he's having now, pulled muscle or stiff joint.

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