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DreamCatcher77 01-15-2013 01:48 AM

Met this horse at a rescue, now I want to adopt.
Hello, I met this horse at a rescue, when I first saw him I thought what an ugly guy. He sure ain't pretty! lol But, once I really saw him up close and personal, and once I got to know him. I fell for him! He has more character than any horse I know! He is a comedian, he is so curious, brave, and intelligent. He rides with no bit in mouth. He is fun to ride.
His mane was roached and tail was cut, not sure the reason why, it was like that when they got him. It will grow out some, not a lot most likely, being that he has appy in him. He is a walkaloosa, he just turned 7. These are not the best pics. But just curious what you think of his overall looks. People say he looks mean, cause of his spiked mane and his eyes, they are white freckled around, as are his mouth and nose. His eyes are brown with hazel/green streaks in them. His tail is flaxen. You can not tell in the pics, but his butt is mostly white, and has white specks through out, and on face. Some say he looks mean and ugly! He looks better in person, he is not very photogenic! How is his conformation? Also he stands at 15.3 hh.

Elana 01-15-2013 07:59 AM

He is very back at the knee and has a long weak coupling. He has a short, steep croup and a bit of set to his hind leg. Shoulder is adequate, although the point of shoulder is quite low. His neck is base thick.

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