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freia 01-15-2013 05:46 PM

German-made DMS English saddle - saddle-hoarding thread
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My New-Year's resolution was:

I will not buy another saddle
I will not buy another saddle
I will not buy another saddle

But just one more can't hurt. Found one that fits my picky husband very nicely, and fits the horse too. It's a German-made DMS. I haven't been able to figure much out about it. I know DMS is a Kieffer subsidiary. The only saddles I've found online to compare to are for sale in Germany. Makes me think that they never got imported to the US? Anybody know anything about DMS saddles?

It seems decent, but not on par with Passiers and Stubbens in craftsmanship. I'm guessing it's from the late 70's or so. I do find it odd that the gullet channel is so wide for being that old. Also, the flocking is just pristine: lump-free, just the right balance between support and softness.

It's clean as a whistle, leather is supple - I'd say mid-grade quality.
All the billets are solid - no cracks or stretching
The seat is fairly well padded. Hubby will appreciate that.
The tree looks straight as can be when I look at the saddle on the underside. When I look from the top, it seems a little funky. I've been scratching my head and measuring here and there to figure out what's going on, and it looks like the leather panels and piping topside weren't sewn together perfectly symmetrically, making it look squirrely. What touches the horse is straight though, so I think I did OK.

Paid $135, including irons, Crosby leathers, sheepskin pad, and girth.

I got my fix. I won't buy any more saddles. This year.

LiveJumpLove 01-15-2013 05:55 PM

Nice! That's one of the best quality older saddle I've seen! Seems pretty good I'd have to say you did okay too!

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